• Sultanates, IPs left out on BBL

    CONSULTED AT LAST Members of sultanates and representatives of indigenous groups compare notes during the Senate hearing on the Bangsamoro measure. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

    CONSULTED AT LAST Members of sultanates and representatives of indigenous groups compare notes during the Senate hearing on the Bangsamoro measure. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

    SENATORS on Monday criticized the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) for its failure to make the peace process inclusive by also getting the position of sultanates and indigenous peoples (IPs) in Mindanao in the drafting of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

    Senators Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Francis Escudero, in a hearing, expressed disappointment over the shortcomings of the government peace panel and OPAPP particularly on their failure to reach out to other stakeholders in Mindanao.

    “Essentially, we are doing your work for you. This [consultation]should have been done during the negotiations so that the draft law will already include their position and I cannot think of any important sector than the sultanates,” Marcos told OPAPP Undersecretary Jose Lorena during the hearing.

    Lorena earlier said the Mor Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) represents the Bangsamoro people including the sultanates and the IPs.

    He claimed that the OPAPP sees a two-tier consultation process: during actual negotiatiosn with the MILF panel and during the process of legislation for the BBL when the royal families of Mindanao, the IPs and other stakeholders will be consulted.

    “We cannot possibly have a successful peace process when you have not included the most ancient of royal houses, the sultanates, who are extremely important in any kind of political change that we are trying to institute in the region,” Marcos noted.

    Escudero then asked Lorena if the OPAPP could present documents that would prove that the MILF has been chosen by the sultanates and the indigenous groups to represent them in the peace negotiations with the government.

    Lorena admitted that there was no such document, explaining that they based their decision on realities on the ground that the MILF is the largest armed group in Mindanao.
    The OPAPP official mentioned various resolutions of the Bangsamoro Congress or assemblies signed by the Bangsamoro people as proof that the peace panel consulted the other stakeholders.

    The government’s failure to consult other stakeholders was confirmed by members of the sultanates and IP leaders who were present during the Senate committee hearing.

    While most of them expressed support in having an agreement with the government, they claimed that they were left out in the negotiations.

    The sultanates and IP leaders presented to the committee their respective proposed amendments to the BBL. One of these amendments is the inclusion of at least two of their representatives in the Bangsamoro parliament.

    Among those present in the hearing were representatives of the Council of Royal Datus; Council of Royal Ladies Sultanate of Maguindanao; Iranun Sultanates League of the Philippines; Federation of Royal Sultanate Descendants of Mindanao Sulu and Palawan;
    The Heirs of Sultan Mohammad Esmael Organization Inc.; Maguindanao Mandanaue Darussalam; Federation of the Royal Sultanate of Lanao; Sultan Uko Royal Descendants Associations Inc. (SORODA); Timuay Justice and Governance Gempa te Kelindaan ne Kamal ne Erumanen ne Menuvu; Mindanao Indigenous Peoples’ Peace Forum; and Lumad Mindanawed Peoples’ Federation.

    Marcos’ committee will be holding its last hearing on June 3, wherein he will be talking with local government units in Mindanao.


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    1. akasi mendel on

      Isip bulate pala itong si Lorena eh. Kung sino lang ba ang maingay at may pinakamaraming armas ang gagawan ng pakikipagkasunduan?

    2. eltee mulawin on

      Lorena (OPAPP Official) admitted that there was no such document, explaining that they based their decision on realities on the ground that the MILF is the largest armed group in Mindanao.

      >>> How this OPAPP assured that MILF is the largest armed group? Considering they are, it doesn’t mean they are the only representative of the provinces in the entire Mindanao. THE ONLY REALITY THE OPAPP SHOULD CONSIDER IS, THAT THOSE MILF REBELS ARR THE ONLY CAUSE AND SOURCES OF THE TROUBLE AND THE CODDLERS OF TERRORIST SUCH AS JI, BIFF AND ABU SAYAF GROUP.

      >>> DAPat lamang OPA-kan ng mga kamag-anak ng massacred 44SAF ang tulad ni DELES, FERRER at itong si LORENA, Tong-gressman Rufus, Belmonte at lahat na balimbing sa Congress.

    3. Many times I said before there will no peace in Mindanao unless each entity in this area will be included. Remember Malaysia sponsored this talks. And we knew for a fact that Sultanate of Sulo has a long time historical claim on Sabah. Don’t you think this a another scam done by Malaysia. I challenge those Presidential Peace Adviser to show there color. For me,there will be consequence if this BBL will approved without thorough scrutiny. To those who are in this issue please think our future generations. Look what happened to our last frontier in Spratley Islands. When I was in college before I predicted that one’s U.S. Bases will be out in our country we have no protection against China. So point here is, by approving this BBL our Senate and Congress should make sure our Country is still intact for our future generations.

    4. Isa na namang pambansang panlilinlang sa taumbayan ang BBL ng sabwatang rehimeng Aquino at MILF ng sabihin ng mga ito na “inclusive” ang isinagawa nilang pag-aaral at ikinonsidera nila ang lahat ng aspeto ng pangkalahatang kapayapaan sa ARMM region. Tama na! Sobra na! ang mga kahibangan ng dilaw na rehimen. Ibagsak ang Partido Liberal sa eleksiyon 2016!

    5. OPAPP and MILF are nothing but scammers using the BBL,funded by the taxpayers money and split among themselves the money.That is why traitor Ferrer doesnt want changes on the BBL because everything will controlled by the terrorist MILF.Moron and coward President B.S Aquino listen to demonyitas Deles and Ferrer and that why the SAF commandos were massacred and didnt get any help from the 6th ID.These people only care about the money and not concern about he poor people in the area.These people are lower than animals,may you all rot in hell.

      • The people must do something for the future of our nation. We must inform our people that what the yellow LP regime of Mr. Aquino is doing with their “tuwid na daan” propaganda is just a political decoy for their evil grand plan to remain in power for as long as they want. We have to demolish and reject the yellow politics this coming 2016 presidential election.

    6. What the OPAPP did is a treacherous actions against the law abiding citizens of the real Bansangmoro. The BBL is a one-sided deal i.e. for MILF only. They intend to neglect other groups just to please the MILF group. Is there a real peace for this action? As I see it, this will result to a chaotic situation wherein a certain group against other group. A civil war might happen due to unfair treatment to the other groups since they were left out in the negotiations hence, there will be no peace in Mindanao because of the idiots from OPAPP

    7. Claro Apolinar on

      I hope and pray Senator Ferdinand Bongbong Romualdez Marcos will give recourse to the proposal of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo, given to him in Jolo last week, that there should be two autonomous regions for Muslim Filipinos–one for the landlocked Maranaw and Maguindanaw Muslims and another for the Filipino Muslims in Basilan, Tawi-Tawi and Sului, whose culture, traditions, and language are so different from those of the MILF leaders who are mostly Maguindanaws and Maranaws.

    8. Kaya walang kapayapaan sa
      mundo,karamihan sa official ng gobyerno at
      pangulo,nakikipagsundo lamang doon sa malakas at malaking grupo na kayang-kayang mangulo,pero yung mga taong sumusunod sa batas at mahina ay minamaltrato,kaya laging may mga naaapi at tuloy nagpipilit maghimagsik,upang maipakita sa mga hanggal na namumuno,kaya paulit-ulit ang problema!kailan matututo ang mga hanggal na namumuno sa gobyerno!