• Sultry singer suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s



    Is sultry diva Verni Varga suffering from Alzheimer’s disease?

    The buzz over the last week was that the Cebuana singer—who is also hailed “The Vamp” of OPM—had been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, which is a form of dementia.

    With such news, Vignettes could not help but remember Verni’s supposed guest performance in Michael Pangilinan’s concert at Teatrino in July 2016. She had earlier confirmed with show producer and colleague Jobert Sucaldito that she would perform her signature song “Take Five” for the guesting but never showed up on concert night.

    Days later, an apologetic Verni had admitted to having completely forgotten about the date. We would surmise that early manifestations of the disease were beginning to set in back then.

    Vignettes has known Verni (Ignacia Mabug-at in real life, or Inday to her close friends way back in college (she was four semesters ahead at FEU, College of Masscom). Already quite an established name in the lounge circuit, Inday would often skip English 11 (Shakespeare) classes in the afternoon to head out to her nightly singing stints at a plush hotel on Roxas Boulevard.

    Verni Varga

    It is understandable that Verni is said to be reeling from the disease, which is commonly associated with the elderly. Even the age for early-onset of Alzheimer’s we hear is 65, and the singer is still much younger than that.

    Sad news indeed, but here’s hoping that Inday will successfully fight her this difficult condition, which has no cure as of yet.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? This TV host-actor (TVHA) has a lot to thank his former matinee idol brother-in-law (BIL) for. But it’s not the way things seem to be.

    If it were not for BIL, TVHA would not have met and eventually married his actress-girlfriend (AG). Reveals our source, “Both guys were close buddies as they shared a common passion for motor bikes, until one day, BIL’s sister broke up with her actor-boyfriend.”

    Devastated, BIL left his heartbroken sister under the watchful care of the TVHA.

    “Since magbarkada naman sila hoping na malilibang ang kapatid niya. Pero bantay-salakay pala ‘yung napagbilinan niya.”

    In short, TVHA had taken advantage of the situation, and he pursued the girl even if she wasn’t actually his type. The wedding took place later.

    Next came an incident wherein BIL had to urgently borrow TVHA’s car (the former has been in between jobs for the longest time, hence doesn’t have much property). However, when he returned the car, it had a major part damaged.

    Hard to come by, the part had to be imported and took several weeks before it was shipped. In the process, the angered TVHA had to shell out tens of thousands of pesos for the damage that BIL caused.

    “Naku, pagdating pa naman sa pamilya ng wife niya, kuripot siya!” our source added.

    * * *

    Here’s another one: If you’re wondering why a multi-awarded actress (MAA) has stopped pursuing her relentless case against her alleged molester (AM), it’s because she later found out that the former is a “high-profile” personality. (You can guess what we mean by the adjective we enclosed in quotation marks).

    Months ago, MAA complained about the suspect she hardly knew from Adam. The two bumped into each other while inside a popular hub in the eastern part of Metro Manila.

    MAA vowed to make her AM pay for his “sexual mischief” only to completely forget about the case weeks later. In fact, fearing for dear life, she told her friends it would be best and safest if she went off to some place outside the country.

    “Ang ipinamamalita niya, nagpapalamig daw siya sa Europe pero duda namin, nasa Asia lang siya. She must be rich to afford to stay in Europe and for how long?” a Vignettes source said.


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