• Sulu Sultan condemns beheading


    DAVAO CITY: The hierarchy of the Royal Supreme Sultanate of Sulu Archipelago and North Borneo Islands (RSSSANBI) issued a strongly worded statement condemning the reported beheading by the terrorist Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) in the hinterlands of Sulu of another Canadian hostage on Monday.

    The Sulu Archipelago Sultanate had earlier vowed to assist President-elect Rodrigo Duterte in his all-out war against drug lords and drug pushers.

    This time, it has declared full support in solving the problem of kidnapping by what it calls the “Satanic-inspired” Abu Sayyaf bandits who can afford to decapitate an innocent foreign national during the holy month of Ramadan.

    Sulu Archipelago Sultan Abdullah Kiram was referring to the Canadian hostage Robert Hall, believed to have been beheaded by his ASG kidnappers after the 3 p.m. deadline being set for the payment of ransom lapsed on Monday and no ransom was met.

    “I am condemning the Satanic act of this Abu Sayyaf terrorist group, that only Satan is capable of this gruesome murder and no normal Muslim as believer in the Islamic faith can do this especially when everyone is solemnly observing the 30-day fasting during the holy month of Ramadan,” Kiram angrily said.

    Sultan Kiram said the heinous crime of kidnapping being perpetrated by the Abu Sayyaf is un-Islamic and every Muslim should condemn it as a work of Satan.

    “I challenge the Satanic-inspired Abu Sayyaf Group whose leaders and members claim to be Muslims and say that they have gone to the mountains because they are fighting in the way of Islam to act like one. But what they are doing is the exact opposite and indeed a handiwork of a Satan,” he said.

    With this second gruesome act by the ASG in order to gain millions of pesos from the abducted foreign nationals, Sultan Kiram vowed to assist the incoming government of President-elect Duterte to help eradicate lawlessness in Mindanao.

    He said because of the urgency and seriousness of the situation his RSSSANBI Royal Security Group (RSG) composed of retired law enforcers are willing to be tapped as an allied force of the law enforcers mandated to arrest all the perpetrators and bring them to the bar of justice upon the marching orders of the incoming President.

    The Sulu Archipelago Sultan stressed that these barbaric acts must be stopped to bring about peace most especially in Mindanao.

    Sultan Kiram also divulged that will he seek an immediate meeting with President-elect Duterte to discuss the heinous criminal acts of kidnap-for-ransoms groups operating in Mindanao and what could be done with the help of RSSSANBI leadership.

    “The criminality propagated by the Abu Sayyaf and other criminals in Mindanao is the prime reason why economic development has lagged behind in Mindanao especially in Sulu and surrounding islands,” Kiram lamented.



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