Sulu Sultanate to sue Malaysia in a London court


WHILE it is pushing for the peaceful settlement of the territorial dispute over Sabah, the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo is considering filing a case against the Malaysian government before a London court.

Sultanate’s secretary general Abraham Idjirani explained that the issue over Sabah involves sovereignty and proprietary.

He said since Malaysia refused to submit itself to the United Nations (UN), the Sultanate decided to bring the matter before a London court to settle the proprietary aspect.

“Since in the issue of sovereignty, Malaysia continued to vehemently refuse to submit itself to the UN, which is accepted in the UN, the Sultanate decided to bring the matter to the London court on the issue of proprietary,” Idjirani told The Manila Times.

Idjirani said Sultan Esmail Kiram 2nd has formed a legal panel to build up the case against Malaysia.

“A legal panel was formed and we are already gathering the pieces of evidence,” he added.

Lawyer John Castriciones, one of the Sultanate’s legal counsels, earlier said the objective of filing the case is to stop Malaysia from using funds, properties, assets sourced from Sabah.

Besides, he added, the British government was responsible for turning over North Borneo or Sabah to Malaysian federation in 1963.

The Sultanate earlier expressed willingness to negotiate with the Malaysian government to solve the dispute over Sabah.

Kiram approved the recommendation of the Advisory Council of the Sultanate to push for a peaceful and civilized resolution of the Sabah claim.

The Sultanate has also created a negotiating panel preparatory to the formal negotiation of the territorial dispute with the Federation of Malaysia.



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