• Summary-execution probe findings rejected


    THE findings of two Senate committees that there were no state-sponsored extrajudicial killings under the Duterte administration were based merely on weak logic and inadequate evidence, Sen. Francis Pangilinan said in his dissenting opinion on Thursday.

    While he agrees with the findings of the committees on justice and on public order and dangerous drugs that there is urgent need to undertake reforms in law enforcement and strengthen the justice system, Pangilinan added that he disputes the factual conclusion that there was no proof that the killings were sanctioned by the government.

    In his 10-page dissenting opinion, he noted that the committees downplayed increasing incidence of extrajudicial killings under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

    “It arrived at this conclusion by inaccurately relying on the murder and homicide statistics submitted by the Philippine National Police [PNP] and the Philippine Statistics Authority,” the senator said.

    But Sen. Richard Gordon, chairman of the Senate justice and human rights committee, is standing by the committee report on the investigation of the spate of drug-related killings in the country and even challenged critics to show proof that there is a state policy sanctioning the killings.

    Gordon said he is willing to reopen hearings and continue the investigation.

    Ther senator added that the committee was able to establish, based on evidence provided by resource persons and witnesses, that there have been thousands of killings with impunity taking place every year in the country over at least the last two decades.

    The Senate inquiry, however, showed that there is no evidence that there is a state-sponsored policy to commit killings in the eradication of illegal drugs.

    But Pangilinan in his dissenting opinion said the probers seemed to have disregarded crucial pieces of evidence submitted by the PNP.

    He noted that to shed light on circumstances surrounding the death of alleged drug suspects, he requested the PNP to submit copies of the suspects’ drug test results and the Scene of the Crime Operatives reports.

    The PNP documents were submitted to the joint committee on September 22, 2016 but, according to Pangilinan, the committee report made no reference to the material documents.

    He said premature termination of the committee investigation left factual and legal questions unanswered.

    “Given the dreadful daily death count in the media and the very real threats to the life of criminal suspects or even those merely caught in the crossfire in the war on drugs, the Senate has the duty to leave no major questions unanswered,” Pangilinan added.

    Gordon, in a statement, insisted that the committee did not receive evidence from the senators who filed resolutions or proof that that the killings were state-sponsored.

    He said If there was evidence that was presented that could connect it, then he is willing to look into it.

    “However, since the framework of the investigation was clear and we did not receive any evidence, you cannot squeeze blood from us,” Pangilinan said.

    Gordon advised the critics that to make an allegation stand, it must be supported by evidence.


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    1. Mga Bulag or Takot ang mga namumuno sa ating bansa.yan si Gordon Duwag yan saka tuta din yan ni Duterte.

    2. A word of caution : it has been a waste of time for the senate to continue investigating the actual killings when they should have devoted their time investigating the word extra-judicial killing first.

      Those who invented the word extra-judicial killing and had it defined to suit their ulterior motive are the ones sinning against humanity. Those inventors have committed a crime of the highest degree.

      They defined their creation in a lopsided manner favoring the evil. They made their definition in terms of evil because they are intrinsically evil themselves. With their wily creativity , they made an insinuation that all government are evil , and that all government must be evil.

      And what is the beauty of their invention , as far as they are concerned? They have the options of relaxing it or activating it. They could build an evil government upon it , or they could destroy a good government with it.

      Look at this ominous definition of their own evil creation : extra-judicial killing is the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process.

      Look very intently at the finished product of those practitioners of evil crafts—they have crafted a sin which looks like an “original sin”. And what do they teach us about original sin? They say that it is inherited. That is why , even if a good leader is yet to be born , he is about to inherit an original sin.

      At the time of the creation of this wicked term—the man who would become president , the sixteenth president of the Philippines was still very far in the horizon. Little did he know that he would someday inherit a sin which is not his own doing but a snare prepared by an enemy.
      Those evil minds have created an extension of the word judicial , instead of bringing out its opposite—craftily grafting into it a very deceptive prefix by which the resultant word creates an ugly mien for the government.

      Thus was born a definition that points to an evil government.
      What if a good ruler comes and acts as an evil terminator , annihilating every form of evil and corruption in the government—are they going to use against him the issue of extra-judicial killing?
      This is actually what they are doing now against a good President.

      The sinful word they have invented accompanied by a sinful definition provided a home for evil men where they can hide to accomplish their evildoings.
      You will not fail to note the linkage being established between government authorities and extra-judicial killings —it is as if government and extra-judicial killings are inseparable twins.

      In fact , the creators of this deception , extra-judicial killing , had preconceived a political scheme that can be an effective tool to destroy any government they want to bring down. They have the option to bypass an evil administration if that one is their ally. But it is really geared toward their nemesis—the good one.

      You see , they have created a great hiding place for all kinds of evil motives whether it be personal vendetta , business rivalry , sabotage , population control , and above all as a political weapon against a good leader , putting him in peril.
      Long before the coming of the good leader , an evil monster that goes by the name , extra-judicial killing , lies in wait all set to ambush him.
      And at long last—the word extra-judicial killing and its definition meets headlong the coming leader who promises a clean government , it being manufactured by evil men with evil motivation , serves as a great political weapon capable of great destruction.

      By using the word government in their definition towed subtly by the wicked word extra , they have prepared beforehand a hook to catch the government by its neck. With their ready-made template , all sorts of evil motives and wicked intentions are insidiously defined as government properties.
      With all the evil schemes in their arsenal , compliments of their favorite extra-judicial , wicked politicians had a handy tool for character assassination of the good incumbent ruler , simply by throwing upon him the issue of extra-judicial killing. And presto! They had him in deep trouble!

      Do not the Christ forewarned and condemned those men who purposely create sin ?
      With the magical stroke of their evil pen , they have created an extremely-wicked term that can be used against anybody who will promise to go against all forms of evil and pollutions in the government.
      It reminds us of an equally evil monster—WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION which enjoyed its heyday bringing to shambles a once progressive nation.

      Now the monster extra-judicial killing is turning its head against the president. It could be that the creators of the other monster is also the creators of this second monster.
      What did The Lord say against these creators of evil ? If a man shall be the cause of the stumbling of his fellow , it would be better for him to be tied with a huge millstone and be drown into the depths of the sea.

      As you can see , the word they have invented is a huge stumbling block to those who are good.
      Those people who continue to use and support the use of the extremely-evil “extra-judicial killing” are the ones committing sin against humanity. Look at that deceptive word , extra-judicial killing , it is like a two-edged sword breathing close at the neck of anyone who assumes the leadership of a nation.

      Even before he does good , there is an evil shadow ominously lurking behind him , and haunting him. If he does good , his enemies will use it as a launching pad to launch their attacks on the hapless leader. The word extra-judicial killing is very much like an all-purpose machine that can manufacture all sorts of evil—with the purpose of overthrowing a good government to replace it with a wicked one so that evildoings shall continue.

      As I said in my previous post , it should be anti-judicial killing not extra-judicial killing , so that evil shall be separated from the good , its very nature is easily exposed in broad daylight. But if you use extra instead of anti—you provide a shelter for the evil ones.
      If you use the word Anti-judicial killing , political motives are killed outright.

      Bear in mind the foundation of discovering the truth , and it is strictly commanded : RIGHTLY DIVIDE THE WORD OF TRUTH.
      You brood of vipers and hell-bound individuals , when will you stop distorting the truth? If you keep on extending and you do not divide—you sin against the truth and against humanity , and you also crucify an innocent man.

      By extending the word judicial to extra-judicial , you make it appear that those killings are the extra-curricular activities of the government.
      By doing this , are you not committing the greatest evil against the humankind?
      Why call the killing extra-judicial when in truth there is no extra judicial sanity in it ?
      The term extra-judicial killing is indeed a misnomer , a square peg forced into a round hole.

    3. The Senate inquiry, however, showed that there is no evidence that there is a state-sponsored policy to commit killings in the eradication of illegal drugs.

      Too bad there is not a investigative law enforcement agency in the Philippines, The agencies that should be looking into abuse by the government are headed by presidential appointees who would never investigate their bosses administration.
      The same thing occurs when the senate convene their actors, comedians and thieves and pretend they are real investigators in whatever in that weeks the scandal.

      The house of is composed of rep’s still on the hook for the pork barrel funds they stole and of course party members who are loyal to the party instead of the people they are supposed to represent as well as members too scared to vote against anything that the president wants.

      A entirely useless political body that only serves to rubber stamp whatever the current president wants.