Summer fun ideas


SUMMER break is the best time to reconnect with the family, recreate favorite childhood memories and make new ones together. Imagine the family frolicking on a beach or around a resort pool, hiking mountain trails, learning history from a national park, exploring new cities, being thrilled by exotic adventure or a daring new theme park ride. These and more can be done with some homegrown tips on how to enjoy your summer vacation to the max.

Your calendar comes in handy. Use your day planner or online calendar in jotting down everything you know to be happening this summer like birthdays, holidays, events, visitors, etc. For a one-page, look at April and May.

Have a summer routine schedule. Now that school days have ended, you can change and construct a routine that can provide consistency to both you and your children. By portioning out the days of summer, you’ll ensure enough time for the essentials like chore time and errands, and will be able to work in creative time or reading time. This way you can limit interaction between the children and the television and computer.

Stick to your summer camp plans. If you have plans to have a summer camp for the family, research on the possibilities based on age, gender, activities, location and price. Check your calendar to find the best week that will work for your family. Begin with the necessary paperwork to be sure your child has a space.

Prepare for the much awaited summer travel. Many families schedule their out-of-the country or out-of-town vacation during summer. If you have not made some preliminary decisions (such as dates, destination, budget), then sit down for a family meeting and gather as many ideas/details as possible. Create a plan and put it into action.

Be smart in shopping for summer. Perfect your sales shopping techniques by assessing your family’s wardrobe beforehand and list down what you don’t have and what you need to buy before heading to the store. Opt for quality pieces because they are always a good investment. Stick to a color palette you already wear to ensure purchases blend into your wardrobe. As a guide, avoid buying anything that doesn’t work with at least three of your existing outfits.

Make your children’s memories full of fun. Swimming, backyards, ice cream, bonding with friends and family are some of the memories that will make your children’s day. Take this opportunity to have fun with the kids and store memories that will last a lifetime for the entire family.


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