• Summer fun treats


    DON’T miss the fun this summer. Wear your flip flops and bathing suits, eat watermelon, indulge in fruit-flavored ice cream, and head to the beach and feel the sand between your toes.

    These are just some of the things you can do this summer. For more fun activities, here are cool tips for every member of the family during the summer season.

    Beach frolicking with the family
    •    Grab your colorful suits and go to your beach resort for a day of swimming with the family.

    •    Bring beach games for the kids like beach obstacle course, water fight, bubble contest, building sand castles, water slide, water swing, synchronized swimming, and hide-and-seek.

    •    Make sure to buy colorful, cool attire for everybody for a perfect groupie.

    •    Make sure to bring SPF lotion to protect your skin from summer heat.

    •    Drink lots of cold water to hydrate.

    Exciting camp and picnics
    •    Encourage your kids to join summer camps or join them in camping as a family. There’s a lot of summer camps and workshops available (See related article for details).

    •    For camping, be sure to prepare foods and recipes that will energize them to do outdoor activities. Store your food in coolers and sturdy containers. Be sure to have s’mores that was invented by the girl scouts in 1920s, pancakes, franks and beans, grilled fish, chicken sausage sandwiches, and more.

    •    Have a picnic at a nearby park or local lake.

    •    Have a backyard campfire or just use the grill. Roast hot dogs on sticks, popcorn, and more.

    •    Go biking on a trail with family and friends.

    Summer survival tips
    •    Teach your children the value of money by encouraging them to sell in front of your house like lemonade, home-baked cookies, fruits or vegetables. You can also offer car wash or baby-sitting or tutorials.

    •    Make movies with your kids using their gadgets and show the whole clan and friends for a fee.

    •    Cleaning up is not the most fun thing to do, but if you make it enjoyable with them, they will also feel great doing it. Buy colorful, convenient cleaning stuff and let them clean their rooms and organize their stuff.

    •    Bake cookies for ice cream sandwiches and enjoy with the whole family.

    •    Set up an ice cream sundae buffet for dinner.

    •    Volunteer at a nature center.

    Be fashionable during hot season
    •    Create colorful tie-dye shirts for you and the family. Get a plain shirt in a solution of warm water and soda ash for about 10 minutes. Then soak the T-shirt in a solution of warm water and soda ash for about 10 minutes. After soaking, wring the shirt out thoroughly. Create a spiral by creating a center point, with your finger or a stick, and spiralling the shirt around the center point. Use large rubber bands to tie the shirt. Have the different dye colors in different bowls and dip each section of he shirt in a different color. Let the dye set. When ready, wear the shirt with the family and have a groupie.

    •    Buy summer shoes a half-size or a full-size larger than you normally would. It’s not the most pleasant of facts, but our feet swell during the summer season. That’s why it’s key—when shopping for new shoes—is to buy shoes a bit larger than other season. Natural materials like leather, canvas, and suede will definitely stretch, so going up half a size should be fine. For inexpensive trendy shoes made from faux leather, plastic or any other man-made material, go a full size up.

    •    Mind your fabrics. To stay cool on hot days, it’s best to seek out for materials like cotton as the fibers are hollow in the center, allowing them to absorb persperation and release it quickly. Linen is also a solid summer material. It’s stronger than coltton a better conductor of heat, making it the most breathable fabric.


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