Summer protection for cars


D4---Sonax-20160308Sonax of Germany, the world’s most trusted brand in automotive materials preservation and paint maintenance, is calling on car owners to try its weather tested line of wax and sealants for paintwork or plastic components.

Developed to repel dirt and to protect the car’s paint against aggressive environmental and weather damage, Sonax guarantees protection for 12 months.

Unlike other wax sealants in the market today, Sonax protects the paintwork by coating it with modified fluorocarbon nano particles that are hard as glass. It freshens up the colors intensively and has a dirt repellent and water-beading effect.

After the product has cured, the paint finish in noticeably richer and the surface becomes extremely hydrophobic. The Sonax NanoPro is a professional grade product that offers genuine protection.

The Sonax product range is a resultant of more than 50 years of research and development in car care. Trusted by millions since the 1950s, Sonax of Germany has been the car care product of choice by car lovers and automotive detailers in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Sonax is available in dealers and car detailers nationwide.


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