It’s summer in Spain for Dingdong and family



It won’t be any other summer vacation for Dingdong Dantes, wife Marian Rivera and their adorable daughter Zia this year. The beautiful family is headed to Spain so their first born can finally meet her Spanish grandfather.

Dong shares with In the Know, “Naka-focus talaga ako to capture that moment na makilala na ni Zia ang aking father-in-law.”

And with showbiz seeing the rise of celebrity babies nowadays, we also asked Dingdong regarding their parenting style, specifically on whether they are open to putting up a social media account for their famous daughter.

“No. We’d like to give her that option later on since siya ‘yung may account, we would like to give her that prerogative. Lahat ng accounts na nakikita natin ngayon are made by friends gathered by all the pictures that people have been posting since pinanganak siya. Okay lang ‘yung ganoon pero para magkaroon siya ng sarili niyang account, ang stand namin ay hindi.”

DingDong Dantes and Marian Rivera with daughter Zia

What a breath of fresh air it is to finally watch Bianca King do drama on TV after almost three years. Her last soap was Obsession on TV5.

Over the last week, Bianca has been getting positive feedback online following her Pusong Ligaw debut last Monday on ABS-CBN, and it’s as if she never left drama.

In The Know had the chance to get all the details on her TV comeback as a Kapamilya.

According to Bianca, she did not hesitate to do the project when it was offered to her since she had never worked on a soap with the network.

“I’ve always wanted to do a teleserye on ABS-CBN. They produce such high-quality dramas that give actors the chance to grow. It was not a difficult decision at all. But it was really the story and characterization of Marga that pulled me to the project.”

Bianca plays the unconventional villain in Pusong Ligaw and she is delighted that there is so much depth to her character.

“Marga is a troubled character. She’s not a bad person at all. But because she had a tough life and her mother physically abused her, it turned her into a tough person. She’s really broken inside, she wants to do good but it just comes out wrong.”

In a short span of time, Bianca has gotten close to her castmates Beauty Gonzales and Sofia Andres who plays her daughter in the show. When asked about their camaraderie on set, she replied, “Very good! We are all friends. Everyone is nice and easy to work with. Down-to-earth people who love what they do. I’m very close to Beauty and Sofia. We know each others’ secrets.”

Their bonding goes beyond the set too.

“We always eat out. I text and hang out with Beauty a lot. We just came back from Bangkok. Sofia and I have movie dates and derma dates at Aivee Clinic. I really treat her like my baby girl. “

Bianca has been a Kapuso (GMA Network) and a Kapatid (TV5) in the past and she is happy that the doors opened for her to try her hand on being a Kapamilya.

“Amazing! It’s so much fun. They are so professional and have great synergy within the network. It is a dream come true to do a project where the story and the actors’ performances are the number one priority.”

Bianca King

Besides acting, Bianca is also a blogger, but since she’s busy with Pusong Ligaw, she focuses on her content during her down time. Her organic restaurant Runner’s Kitchen is also one of her priorities, located in Tomas Morato. With the success of the restaurant, she plans on opening another food concept after Pusong Ligaw.

Bianca is in her early 30s and is one of the most admired celebrities when it comes to beauty. So we did not say goodbye to her without asking for her beauty tips!

“Get some vitamin D at least once a week. Don’t party, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, don’t stay up late. Drink a lot of green smoothies and vegetables. I don’t work out that much these days because I work almost every day but I’d say just move your body more. Clean your house, do chores and errands, carry your own things, walk more, go up and down the stairs more. Incidental exercise is the best.”

GUESS WHO? Selfish actor has no clue that his teammates are so upset with him after they joined an event where they had to compete.

Everyone was in tiptop shape as well as selfish actor. But what he lacked was knowledge! During the competition, their team almost won but selfish actor violated a rule, which he honestly did not know forbidden. His teammates could not stomach it because they were the ones to beat had it not been for selfish actor’s ignorance!

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