Sun Broadband reports strong growth


Reporting a strong growth of 40 percent in subscribers by the end of 2012, Sun Broadband looks forward to continued strong growth by introducing more user-oriented innovations and forming partnerships with more content providers.

Working with the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. and Smart Communications, it will continue rolling out sites to strengthen its nationwide coverage and reach more users from different parts of the country.

Sun said customer satisfaction in the broadband business has gradually shifted to put greater emphasis on ease of use and suitability to people’s lifestyles.

“This has led broadband service innovator Sun Broadband to take the experience further and continue creating more lifestyle-oriented innovations,” said Neph Denosta, assistant vice president for marketing of Sun Broadband.

“While continuing to build on a fast, consistent and reliable Sun Broadband, we are also looking at serving a more mature market of users who would want to do more and get more with their broadband subscription,” he added.

The company said that it is targeting to make the experience even more exciting and flexible, by catering to the different lifestyles of different users.

Starting with the segment of new and entry-level users, Sun Broadband offers best-value modem plans which go as low as P250 a month.

Unlike most postpaid offerings, these have been designed to integrate the functionality of a prepaid subscription, and allow for loading transactions on top of the standard monthly service allocations.

“Each plan comes with a fixed subscription fee and a consumable number of hours. Beyond these, subscribers may enjoy continued usage with any of our Sun Broadband Prepaid loads and services,” Denosta said.

The company said that this particularly suits users who have been accustomed to pay-per-use and would want to maximize usage at their own pace.

In 2011, Sun Broadband also introduced the Anti-Bill Shock Plan 350 to lead the market in addressing anxious users, amid the industry-wide concerns on expensive and unwanted broadband charges.

Meanwhile, for the growing number of Android enthusiasts, Sun Broadband has launched its line of gadget plans which bundles an Android Tablet and a Sun Broadband Postpaid SIM (subscriber identification module card) for as low as P600 a month.

Sun Broadband has also carried on the group plan innovation of its mother brand and translated it to multi-SIM plans which could power up multiple gadgets, and even multiple users under shared usage hours.

And to cap off a few of its breakthroughs for the past year, Sun Broadband has partnered with global record label MCA Universal to offer the Sun Broadband Entertainment Stick and a special modem which comes with 20 songs from MCA’s top albums. It also comes with 10 free downloadable songs per month.

These privileges have been made available to all Sun Broadband subscribers across different platforms of broadband devices.

Rosalie C. Periabras


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