Sun Cellular offers subscribers P2-per-minute overseas calls


Fierce competition in the telecommunications industry has forced the three top networks to outdo each other in coming up with promos for their present and prospective subscribers.

Sun Cellular’s last two promos kept up with the changing seasons. Last April, it invited its customers to create a “selfie”—a photo taken of oneself using a mobile phone, and post it on Instagram accounts with the #SunSummerSelfie and #SunXperiaChashtags. The most creative “selfie” won a summer getaway package to Boracay Island good for five people.

At the beginning of the schoolyear, the network offered Sun Plan 999, under which subscribers can choose one of two new Samsung Galaxy Grand smartphones, with the option of getting an extra Samsung Tab 3 Lite, and enjoy unlimited mobile surfing, unlimited Sun texts and four hours’ worth of calls to fellow Sun subscribers.

With the commemoration of Independence Day, when Fili–pinos feel more than usually patriotic and clannish, Sun Cellular is offering its Todo IDD Tawag card that enables subscribers to call their rela–tives and friends abroad for only P2 per minute.

The affordable rate applies to calls to the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Guam and Hawaii. It may also be used to call relatives in Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Brunei, Thailand, India and Northern Marianas at P5 per minute.

Moreover, the card offers a rate of P8 per minute for calls directed to those in Japan, Italy, Bahrain and Kuwait, and a rate of P10 per minute to those in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Spain and France.

Available in denominations ofP20, P50, P100 and P300, Sun’s Todo IDD Tawagcard, when loaded, acts as a special account on top of the sub–scriber’s regular load. The card does not require a minimum load, making sure that con–versations with loved ones are stretched to the last remaining balance.

To make a call using the Sun Todo IDD card, subscribers must dial 00 + country code +area code + phone number.Keeping tabs on one’s balance is also as simple dialing *221#.

Sun Prepaid subscribers may also enjoy Sun Todo IDD Tawag rates via Xpress load or through conversion of regular load by texting TODOIDD [SPACE] [Desired load from 50, 100 and 300] to 247.


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