Sun offers Internet connectivity by the byte


Whether you’re an Internet mainstay or a casual Web surfer, flexibility and reliability are two important points in your online experience. After all, you wouldn’t want to pay for more than what you normally consume, right?

Sun Broadband’s new By-the-Byte Plans let you do exactly that: for as low as P250 a month, you get 700 MB of data which you can use to fuel your online activities based on your specific usage behavior, powered by 7.2 Mbps of Sun Broadband’s consistent, fast and reliable Internet service.

Do you hang out on Facebook a lot? You’ll be happy to note that posting 100 Facebook updates will only require 1MB of data. Or do you want to read all the latest fashion blogs on your free time? Visiting five of these sites will only need about 2MB. But if you’re the type who enjoys YouTube videos a lot, a typical 5-minute clip will set you back by about 10MB.

With the new By- the- Byte Plans of Sun Broadband, you can choose from either Plan 250 (with 700MB of data) or Plan 450 (with 1.5GB of data) on a monthly basis. SIM-only plans are available over a six-month holding period, but subscribers have the chance to get a 3G tablet for an additional P100 a month, payable over 30 months.

You also need not worry because Sun Broadband gives you all the powerful tools you need to monitor your volume usage. Just log on to the Sun Broadband Customized Broadband Experience (CUBE) website ( or download the Sun App on your Android tablets to get the latest info on your usage consumption or subscribe to various add-ons.

If these megabyte allocations are not enough for you, don’t fret: you have the power to purchase various add-ons that extend your Internet surfing time. Choose from either iBoost50 (120MB), iBoost100 (250MB) or iBoost200 (700MB) to help you get that extra broadband mile.

Outside of your usual allocation, you will be charged a low rate of P0.50 per 1MB, which is protected by an Anti-Bill Shock guarantee that automatically converts the usage to unlimited once you reach P999.

With Sun Broadband’s By- the- Byte Plans, you definitely need not bite off more than you can chew as you get the power to control your broadband surfing habits.


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