‘Sunburn’ post enrages netizens

SUNBURNT TIFFANY DRESS  Kris Aquino in her Tiffany blue Filipiniana gown at the Fort Santiago in Manila. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

Kris Aquino in her Tiffany blue Filipiniana gown at the Fort Santiago in Manila. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

As a grand finale to her triumphant series of posts from hosting the APEC spouses’ visit to Intramuros on Thursday, the President’s celebrity sister Kris Aquino rounded up the day with a snap of her sunburnt shoulders straight from her bathroom. And none of it sat well with majority of netizens who heatedly posted their reactions on her Instagram account.

Either fresh from a shower or about to take one, the photo had Kris with her back to a mirror, the rest of her wrapped in a terry-cloth towel, and captioned: “About to sleep, Bimb took this picture–decided to post this so we can all have a good laugh tonight sa karma ng kaartehan ko na SUNBURN ako ng bongga–nabilad in Fort Santiago at the peak of the just before noon heat . . . You’ll love the sense of humor of my sister Viel, baka daw my entire back nag ka lace patterned sunburn. Si Bimb naman said the shape of the sunburn is like the Batman mask from the Michael Keaton era. Quits na tayo sa lahat ng nahirapan mag commute these past few days, patas ang mundo, patche patche naman ang balat ko. #LaughterIsTheBestMedicine (I drank Paracetamol kasi parang lalagnatin ako sa init ng balat ko, any sunburn suggestions?) GOOD NIGHT. #LoveLoveLove”

Garnering over 800 comments as of this writing, the verdict is that President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s infamously tactless youngest sister has done it again. She has officially enraged the very public who had to endure security measures put in place for the weeklong APEC summit in Metro Manila.

One of the earlier comments (user @cuppy_cake008) said, “Parang hindi naman fair na sabihin mong patas na kay ng mga commuters na nahirapan ng ilang araw, napaka arte sunburn lang yan, try mo kaya maglakad mula Cavite hanggan Manila sa gitna ng sikat ng araw?!”, to which Kris later boldy replied, “@cuppy_cake008 try mo 5 inches na heels from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. sa cobblestones? hehehe patol pa much??? Kaya nga yung hashtags ko… Haaayyy laugh na lang please.”

Trying to make light of the comment, Kris added the hashtag #goodvibesnaplease

Another user commented @reallyjeannie, “Ganon? Yung lang ang masasabi mo sa mga nahirapan? How insensitive of you naman”

But it looked like nothing could dampen Kris’ mood, as she quipped, “@reallyjeannie kung pwede kitang regaluhan ng sense of humor Christmas gift ko na, address please?” and inserted an emoji with a halo.

Kris also did not forget thanking supporters for trying to understand her. One user @christineapple0314 who wrote, “Love the sense of humor of @withlovekrisaquino sa mga nag cocomplain about the APEC summit, sana naiintindihan din nila kung anong positive sa pangyayaring ito para sa ating bansa #Stop the hate and crab mentality.”

But, as clear as dawn crept up Friday morning, it was obvious that hardly anyone found Kris’ humor to be funny. The barrage of comments that followed intensified from displeasure, disgust to disdain.

@arlene_dimapilis5769: “I have nothing against you @withlovekrisaquino or your family but I have to agree na it’s a bit insensitive to say quits na sa lahat ng nahirapan magcommute . . . Hindi po kayang palitan o tumbasan ng pache o sunburn ang nawalang kita, oportunidad ng mga oridnaryong mamamayan. Mga taong umaasa sa kakarampot na kita na nabawasan or worst ay nawala dahil sa naging abala sa kanila ng traffic at road closure. Hindi po ako nakikipag away or nang aaway. Wish ko lang po sana ay may magandang kahinatnan ang sakripisyo ng mga taong naglakad at nabilad sa init ng araw at lalo na sa sunburn na nakuha nyo #Apec2015”

@iamdaney: “Oo nga naman patas nga sa mga na-stranded sa daan at naglakad ng pagkalayo-layo. Na late sa mga trabaho at nabigyan ng memo. At may napaanak pa sa daan. Life is so fair talaga! Your world is now parallel to our ordinary world @withlovekrisaquino”Kris 3

“No. Saying that such petty condition falls on the same level as the suffering endured by the masses is grotesquely insensitive. Your statement mirrors how the ruling class views the citizens. And please don’t cry out that criticism is cyberbullying. People won’t do it if your posts weren’t absurd. #Apec2015 #apectadoanglahat @withlovekrisaquino” said user @jlina0.

@mrsktthugo: “Quits?? Wow!! Anong utak ba meron sa mga Aquino? Kuya mo quits din daw sa SAF44 dahil namatayan ng ama. Mukhang di lang sunburn inabot mo, pati utak natuyot din sa paglalakad.”

@Aphrodite_chyz08: “Ikaw ba naman mag Filipiana gown sa tirik na araw di ka kaya mag ka sunburn? Buti ka nga sunburn lang! May ibang tao na sunog na! Nahimatay dahil sa haba ng nilakad nung APEC… #AQUINO CLAN #WALANGKWENTA #NOCONSIDERATION

Perhaps @istapgio aired the collective sentiments best and fairly: “Your sunburn may be causing you discomfort but please, please don’t compare what the commuters went through and are still going through til today. You simply have no idea… My mom who is almost 70yo had to brave the traffic today for almost 5 hours from Cavite to Manila because of road closures. When she arrived, she can hardly walk because she badly needed to urinate. Not to mention those who came in late for work, had to walk kilometers in an office attire, had to reach home so late tired and hungry. This week was a milestone for the Philippines but the government failed to balance the people’s welfare just for the mere convenience of the delegates. There were even many who were stranded in the airport and even abroad who have less money to spare for these eventualities. I really feel you wanted to make us feel better and your efforts aren’t in vain. However, you did not experience how it is being ‘masa’ to truly reflect how we are faring. Sometimes the best for of comfort is just to be quiet.”

With all that, the question is: Will Kris soon receive a “presidential scolding,” or better yet, apologize for what her public clearly found offensive?


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  1. Tulig na tulig na ako sa babaeng ito. Sana matuloy yung sinabi niyang mag migrate dati sa U.S. Go

  2. It’s always about Kris, everything is about her. That’s what happens when you live a entitled life and given everything on a silver platter, never worked for anything in her life. The whole world revolves around Kris.

  3. Instead of feeling miffed on the angry reaction over her insensitive comment, I ‘ll bet the presidential sister is ecstatic that once again, she is in the news.. headline pa nga, publicity wh*re that she is.

  4. This is a free democratic country let her post what she wants to lost just like anybody else who hates apec …

    • Really?parehas or manos na lang?,,ganyan talaga asal ng mga burgis at manhid,,,,,a sl”t is a sl”t no matter what you feed or educate them with