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    1. At first glance I see Bob Arum probably on his younger years. My research showed me that Bob Arum is from Jewish descent born in New York. Al Francis (my apology for just calling him like that) is from a Lebanese descent.
      If you check the google map you will see that Israel and Lebanon is just a few seconds of rocket flight away. Who knows these two famous men could be relatives. Al Francis grand parents settled in the famous town of Naga made more famous by the rise of one lady named Lenny Robredo.

      Al Francis was born on Sept. 17, a date when the miraculous Lady of PenaFrancia is being celebrated now worldwide. It must be why his parents could have named him Francis. And as the only son, his father named one of his first theater in Albay to Francis Theater. As such this could be the lucky star of Al Francis as he got his winning votes from the voters of a sleepy neighbor town that got no big cinema of their own until now regrettably.

      Regrettably I said because I know that the owner of the only theater that was there before was offered by Alfonso Bichara to takeover the cinema thru a 50 year lease contract. If this deal materialized it could have pave the way for the improvement of that town. Instead until today, that town’s folks have to go to Ligao and Polangui for entertainment and to buy their goods and food. All the major banks had their branches in these towns. The roads from the coastal areas goes either to Ligao or Polangui as a result the fish and agri goods from this area are in their control. Come to think of it that sleepy town became a city with only one ATM I saw at the centro poblacion municipal hall.
      I thank the author for his article with the hope that this comment will add to the road of improvement of that sleepy town. Al Francis is a man of the masses as I have sat beside him once during an event knowing him as the respected congressman and him not knowing my existence. I hope this article will result to the long desired completion of that road from the lowland to the coastal area on his comeback term and to the development of that town’s coastal area to a vibrant tourist attraction.
      Come to think of it Ligao and Polangui has no coastal area to match that of that sleepy town. Come to think of it that town has produced many men of God but as of to-date no significant material progress is seen. Not the fault of the local politicians, but the fault of the two mentioned towns for producing their illustrious sons to the power of governance.