Sunshine Dizon, husband and his alleged mistress face off in court

Timothy Yap and Sunshine Dizon

Timothy Yap and Sunshine Dizon

Sunshine Dizon, her estranged husband Timothy Tan, and the alleged mistress she named “Clarissa Sison” met for the first time at the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday afternoon, more than a month after the actress revealed their marital woes to the public.

The three were summoned for the hearing of the complaints Dizon filed namely, violation of the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act of 2004 and concubinage.

Tan and Sison arrived separately at the court.

According to reports, the preliminary investigation only took 20 minutes after the camp of Tan was granted an extension until August 25 to submit his counter affidavit.

An emotional Dizon faced the media after the hearing.

“I’m getting emotional because of the pain they caused my children. It’s not about me anymore, I can handle it. But the suffering that my children are experiencing now, it’s unforgi-vable,” the former child actress said.

Dizon once posted on her Instagram account that she would not file any annulment case. She, however, threatened that she would “seek justice” for the mess Tan and Sison alle-gedly did to the family.

“If she’s thinking that I will do something here, like a big scene, I will not do that—she’s too low and I will not dignify her with anything,” Dizon told the press.

“If I were another person, she will be slapped, but I will not lay my hands on her it might get dirty,” she added.

The 33-year refused to answer when asked if she could forgive Tan but shared that she would grant her husband visitation rights to their children should he ask so.

“He will always be the father of my children but forgiveness? That is something I still don’t know. I will leave him to God,” she said.

Tan, on the other hand, briefly spoke to the reporters saying, “I don’t know if I’m happy or not. You know, I’m not happy because of the situation. But I want to thank her for that,” he said referring to Dizon’s openness in visitation rights.

According to Tan’s camp, they are still hopeful that they will reach a settlement with Dizon.

Finally, Sison—who Dizon introduced in public through Instagram photos—did not grant any interview requests and immediately left the scene after the hearing.



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