Sunshine Dizon posts pics of hubby’s mistress on IG

Sunshine Dizon shows the world she is A-OK in this selfie

Sunshine Dizon shows the world she is A-OK in this selfie

“There is no forgiveness for what you did. No annulment for you. I will seek justice. I will see you both in court.”

These biting words made up the latest Instagram post of actress Sunshine Dizon who is definitely a woman scorned. The GMA Network talent, who shot to fame in the original run of fantasyere Encantandia, shocked fans and netizens when she posted a series of quotes on the social networking site, effectively sending the message that she and her husband have split up due to a third party.

While refraining for mentioning her spouse’s name, showbiz circles are well aware that Dizon has been married for six years to Timothy Tan.

To him, she had this to say, “You used to be my best friend, my partner in everything. We used to talk about everything and anything. Now I wake up from this dream and everything turned to nothing. It was all for nothing. It was all a lie. My nightmares began exactly June of last year. I’ve given you several chances, I swallowed everything for the sake of Doreen and Anton, I tried my best and gave my all. You have disregarded your responsibilities and turned into a monster, all the lies and deception.” The said post, however, after garnering endless views, has since been deleted.

On Friday, Dizon posted a picture of what seems to be a hand-written love letter of her husband’s alleged mistress to him (see photo below), which she captioned with the woman’s identity: “Hello Clarissa! Clang Sison, Claris of St. Lukes (thumbs up emoji) Clarissa Soriano Sison (smiley).” She also tagged the Instagram accounts of both Tan and Sison to let them know she is on to them.

Dizon, with every right to do so, followed up with a clincher post: A close-up shot of Clarissa Sison! Her caption read, “Oh and by the way, how was it like to live so near me? Exactly 3 floors up in the same building were my children and i live. And did you also enjoye[d]your US trip recently? So excited to hear all about it, im pretty sure your husband will be so happy also. I do hope its all worth it.”

On Sunday, Tan confirmed he and his celebrity wife have ended their relationship through the following statement to ABS-CBN: “Since the start of the year, our marriage has underwent numerous challenges and as with any relationship, we have truly tried our best to resolve certain issues. However, we have both concluded that an annulment is warranted.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to the people and their families who were involved, directly or indirectly, as a result of our marital problems. I would also like to request for privacy as we both go through this challenging time in our lives.”

Dizon and Tan tied the knot in 2010 and have two children from their marriage.


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  1. Melba Santos on

    God be with you Sunshine It is not the end of anyone’s life having such problem but a new beginning of a happier life removing him who brought you so much pain which you don’t deserve. You are not alone facing this kind of ordeal but with God’s healing and strength all will be excellently well with you and your kids. All the best. Sending you my biggest HUG.

  2. The experience of Ms. Sunshine Dizon is not isolated. There are many movie stars and entertainers who fall for the Chinese mestizo type of suitors who swear to high heavens how they love these ladies and gift them with so much then marry them. Unfortunately, when these men are fed up with their wives, they just leave them for much younger and prettier women. Ms Dizon should be strong and file a case of concubinage and adultery so her husband and par-amore will go to jail, plus monetary support for her and children. All movie and entertainment personalities should stand behind Ms. Dizon.

  3. shes hurting so much. she needs emotional support and she wouldnt be this mad if she has no evidence. very nice girl and avery good daughter and im sure agood wife and mother too