Sunshine files complaint vs. Cesar Montano


MOVIE personality Sunshine Cruz on Tuesday filed a case of violence against women and children before the Quezon City Prosecutors’ Office against husband Cesar Montano for his refusal to return their three children.

Cruz decided to sue Montano (Cesar Manhilot in real life) for allegedly reneging on his promise to bring her children back to her house. She has not seen them since July 29.

The estranged couple had been living separately since their much-publicized split several months ago.

Bonifacio Alentajan, Cruz’s counsel, said that his client cannot bear the physical, mental and psychological abuses that Sunshine suffered at the hands of Montano.

Alentajan said Montano violated R.A. 9262 when he denied Sunshine access to their children despite her repeated calls to have them returned to her residence.

As a mother of Angelina Isabelle, 11, Samantha Angelene, 8, and Angel Franchesca, 7, Sunshine said that she wanted to protect Montano’s image but his refusal to give her access to them forced her to file the case.

She added that she never denied Montano the right to see their children as she would send them to her husband’s place whenever she is working.

She said she has not returned to Montano’s place after they separated and she only communicated with her kids through phone calls and text messages.

Sunshine said her husband always promised to return the children to her “tomorrow’’ whenever she wanted to have them fetched.

Alentajan said that they are also contemplating seeking a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) against Montano to keep him away from his wife and children.

In the nine-page complaint, Sunshine said that she is a devoted wife to Montano whom she described as very domineering, philandering husband who demanded full submission and obedience from her while prohibiting her from inquiring into his own affairs.

She accused Montano of not going home on weekends, adding that he presently lives at an address different from where he and their three daughters live.

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