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You work hard and explore every facet of the challenges you face and find solutions from there. You’re the best at what you do, and look for the best deals when making your choices.

So when it comes to your postpaid plan, you look for more, because you know you deserve more. Something that your old postpaid plan or the usual prepaid account can’t give you.

You look for a plan that offers you the most flexible options that future-proof the commitment you make—because they are beyond flexible—and which instinctively recognize that no two subscribers’ needs are ever the same.

That’s the Best-Ever MySuperPlan from Globe, the one who knows postpaid best. With the Best-Ever MySuperPlan, subscribers get a plan value that’s almost twice the value of prepaid load, so they get more than what they pay for. Each plan has a corresponding “peso value” (PV) which can be used to avail of a combination of call, text, or surf services, free or discounted gadgets, and a monthly consumable amount.

Besides a fully-customizable postpaid plan, the Best-Ever MySuperPlan lets subscribers get the gadget they want, at the contract period they want. Then, the usual 24-month contract period, are now available in 6, 12, 18 and 30 month-lock up periods for subscribers to choose from, another first in postpaid by the leader in postpaid.

Unbeatable value for money
Jun Godoy, 22, recently finished college and is now a call center agent. He used to think that prepaid was the ultimate deal in being practical.

Because Jun keeps an eye on his budget, he’s a stickler for getting his money’s worth. “I wanted to keep my cellphone expenses to P300 or less per month, so I chose Plan 299.

Imagine how happy I was when the guys from the Globe Store told me that the plan bundle will give me P500 worth of consumable value that I can use. It’s almost twice the value of my monthly service fee,” Jun says.

Jun was able to convert some of his spare PVs to avail of a free CloudFone Excite 350G over his 24-month contract period, giving him a little over P60 worth of consumable amount for more calls and texts. With his dream plan combo, he was delighted to keep his postpaid plan expenses, with a bonus free smartphone, at exactly P299 a month, no more, no less.

What are you waiting for?
“Now is definitely the best time to get a postpaid plan from Globe with our Best-Ever MySuperPlan, the next-generation postpaid plan with its fully-customizable plan components, bigger plan value, and more contract periods to choose from. With the Best-Ever MySuperPlan, you get the ultimate flexibility in creating a postpaid plan that best fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget,” said Raul Macatangay, Head of Globe Postpaid.

So with the Best-Ever MySuperPlan, you can now say goodbye to traditional lock-up periods, pricey gadgets, and canned postpaid bundle offers.

Find out how you can create and design your Best-Ever MySuperPlan by visiting or calling 730-1010.


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