Super typhoon Miriam gunning after ‘sonofagun’ JPE


(By Rene Saguisag, Opinion, December 14, 2013)
Wala ng bumibili sa mga paninira nyo kna Imelda dahil after all these yrs nag hirap lang ang bansa at wala ng naniniwala sa black propaganda nyo at pangalawa mas maganda kung ang ibabalita nyo Mr. Saguisag eh kung paano nilustay ni Pnoy ang pera ng buong bansa thru PDAF at DAP dahil bistado na yellowtards hahaha. Pls. also refer to Mr. Tiglao’s article about Mar’s arrogance and shocking words:bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo! Iba talaga pag mayaman parang nakasandal sa pader arogante sobra, weeeeeeeh. May hiya pa mga yellow minions mag criticize sa iba? PLease look at yourselves first.


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  1. Marcoses, Aquinos, Romualdezes, Roxases, Estradas, etc. — all these wealthy (some thru ill-gotten means) political families are
    a major reason for the problems in the Philippines. These political dynasties have mainly looked out for themselves and their cronies, not for the good of the nation. They have mostly stolen the funds that should have gone towards infrastructure, education, military, etc.
    Until these families are removed from their positions of great influence, the nation will continue on its downward spiral. Every year, there’s a wider gap between the few rich and the majority poor.