Super typhoon Miriam gunning after ‘sonofagun’ JPE

Rene Saguisag

Rene Saguisag

The La Salle-San Beda game last Saturday ended in a tie, 74-all, which was not broken as it was an exhibition game that raised P1.8 million for the Yolanda victims. Way to go.

On Yolanda, Tacloban Mayor Alfredo Romualdez should have been asked by the House Oversight Committee where the other Taclobanon Romualdezes were/are, Cong. Imelda, Guv Imee and Sen. Bongbong—what an oversight—instead of blaming PNoy and Mar Roxas; it’s been over a month and not one of the three has been reported spotted in Tacloban, now to be “salvaged” by Ping Lacson, seen, rightly or wrongly, as a gross human rights violator. But, did the Palace have to announce the appointment on international human rights day?

Insensitive? Uninformed?

The alleged human rights violations of JPE, et al., who helped People Power triumph may no longer be probed, I believe. They were forgiven by the people on February 25, 1986. And there is the statute of limitations. Thus we can no longer go after the killers of Ninoy or of the Vizcondes.

Yes, this week we marked the 63rd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which the Palace marked or marred by elevating Ping as Rehab Czar (Asar, in the view of the human rights community, rightly or wrongly).

Human Rights we hardly studied in law school (I, in San Beda and Harvard, which now have courses on the subject).

Macoy, Johnny, Ping, et al. made salvaging, desaparecidos, torture, hamletting, zonas, indefinite detention, etc., part of legal lingo.

Last week we saw the passage of a human rights paradigm, Nelson Mandela, who spent 27 years in detention (Ninoy, “only” seven years and seven months). Mandela once told a court that yes, he had committed sabotage, for the sake of the people. Like Ed Olaguer telling a military commish in 1981, “Gentlemen of this tribunal, I have taken up arms against a corrupt and illegitimate dictatorship!” He’s now deep into matters religious.

FLAG and Mabini, with Jake Misa and Bing Padilla, defended Ed’s Light-A-Fire Movement while others slept, awakened only after August 21, 1983, when Ninoy gave his all (the Supreme Court sustained Ed & Co. on May 22, 1987). Even if one were now to confess that he had plotted to do in Ninoy, the law shields him.

Nelson Mandela counseled forgiveness and reconciliation. Post-February 25, 1986, acts would be another matter.

Given Mandela and Christmas, GMA, with her perceived medical issues, should be put on house or Metro Manila arrest. Were JPE charged with non-bailable plunder, ditto. He’s about to become a nonagenarian and reportedly not in the best of health.

What House work has Manny done?
Less deserving of compassion may be Manny Pacquiao, who may misuse his proposed tax exemption savings for womanizing, casinos, cockpits, Hermes bags, and for Mommy Dionesia with her D is imported from Manila. Manny is also forming an incipient dynasty, with wife Jinkee and a brother reportedly now in public office.

What House work has Manny done? The House is not a hobby.

If Manny has properly paid in the US, promoter Bob Arum, a Harvard Law cum laude, would have produced proof of it by now. It seems it has been in transit by snail mail. Both Bob and Manny had been reported to predict an abbreviated fight with Rios, who instead carried Manny to the limit. I may have been the only one raising the foolish questions of the day, so what else is new? I take the less-traveled road (Frost), march to the beat of a different drummer (Thoreau) and sail against the wind (Kennedys). People see things that are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask—why not? Shaw. But, I do not underrate anyone’s capacity for subjective growth.

Super typhoon Miriam has now formally charged Manong JPE in the Senate; but it turns out it has no ethics panel or no chair, whose first task is to tell the senators to avoid uncouth language and misuse of the first person. I would summarily dismiss “womanizing,” given the tales about Kamandag Erap, Jojobama, FVR, JPE, Quezon, McArthur, Clinton, JFK, Roosevelt, Thurmond, all the way back to Jefferson, and certain clerics. The Senate really has better things to do than enter bedrooms, saved on the complaint of a proper party (such as a victimized party of any gender).

Maybe the Senate can ban video games on the floor, malpracticed not only here. The young are watching, Manong Johnny, and may develop a wrong notion of what “Senatoring” is all about.

Back to Rehab [A]Czar Ping Lacson holding an office with a humongous budget and complex problems, thanks to a reported Palace issuance I have yet to see. But, it seems to me, only Congress can create an office to handle touchy issues and a lot of money. Ping’s appointment is open to serious challenge. Recall what happened to the Truth Commish of 2010, killed by the Supreme Court on December 7, 2010, on the complaint of Barok Biraogo.

But, it seems no one’s complaining, not even Barok. So, for the sake of the victims, more power to you, Ping. You may tap Gawad Kalinga, Habitat for Humanity, Imelda, Imee and Bongbong. If you do a great job, Jojobama and Mar may feel nervous but we all will have won.

Among your first gumshoe tasks, Ping, should be to probe the alleged diversion of relief goods. I wonder why no pix or TV shot of the alleged diversion has been published to my knowledge. Just another mindless anti-PNoy propaganda?


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  1. Miriam, JPE or Manny Pacquiao, they are one of a kind and are not worth the position they are holding, among many others in the Philippine government and that is the main reason the Philippines is not going anywhere. Ping Lacson has got some skeletons rattling inside his closet but there is no better man to handle the job that was just given to him by Malacanang and if you disagree, go ahead and come up with a name that is better qualified to do the job. In the Philippines, soft spoken would be leaders will never accomplish a job like the job that was now assigned to Lacson for that job needs is a man to lead with an iron fist, like Marcos. The mere mention of Marcos might raise some ire but if one looks closely and compare what he accomplished compared with the other said Presidents of the Archipelago, there is no comparison. Yakety yak and that was and is the biggest problem of the Philippines, big talk and no action, time to turn it around and start by getting rid of the Politicians that has no love of country, just love of their pockets.

  2. Ikaw ba Sen. Saguisag o si dating Sen. Pimentel ang sinabihan ni JPE sa Senado na kalabanin nyo sya (bata pa nuon si JPE) kung meron kayong ” balls”, that is, if I remember it right. Si Mirriam ay mas mukha meron balls kaysa sa inyo dalawa. Anyway, karamihan naman ata ng sinabi ni Mirriam laban kay JPE ay tama at tama ka din na sa tanda na ni JPE at tagal na ng kanyang kasalanan ay di na pwede si JPE kasuhan at pakulong. Kaya Mirriam, kalimutan mo na lang at FORGIVE JPE, Okay ba, Mirriam sa ikabubiti ng bayan, PLEASE?

  3. Wala ng bumibili sa mga paninira nyo kna Imelda dahil after all these yrs nag hirap lang ang bansa at wala ng naniniwala sa black propaganda nyo at pangalawa mas maganda kung ang ibabalita nyo Mr. Saguisag eh kung paano nilustay ni Pnoy ang pera ng buong bansa thru PDAF at DAP dahil bistado na yellowtards hahaha. Pls. also refer to Mr. Tiglao’s article about Mar’s arrogance and shocking words:bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo! Iba talaga pag mayaman parang nakasandal sa pader arogante sobra, weeeeeeeh. May hiya pa mga yellow minions mag criticize sa iba? PLease look at yourselves first.

  4. What house work has manny done? Probably none. But he made the country proud many times over.

    What house work has nonoy done? Certainly none. But he put the country to shame with his incompetence many times over.

  5. Just as I suspected you and your columnist colleague are singing the same tune.

    On the matter of Madam Defensor Santiago and JPE, I disagree with you in that
    your more concerned with the messenger instead of the the messages the lady senator was trying to convey. I guess I don’t blame you, It’s a band-wagon mentality, just ignore the many things what Senator Miriam is accusing JPE of.