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    Superbrand Marketing International Inc. (SMI) is a multinational that qualifies eligible brands to enter into the realm of marketing success. We are the only international Award-giving body on marketing/branding in the Philippines. With the use of our international logo, co-brand your products and promotional materials to enhance and further promote your brand, thereby securing a formidable consumer preference. In the Philippines, where branding is elusive to most, marketing takes the excuse to promote branding. Know of the difference.

    A Superbrand pays tribute to the strongest brands in the country. Over the past 20 years, our organization has produced high quality publications that serve and promote over 14,000 of the greatest brands in 90 countries worldwide.

    Internationally, our “coffee table” books have proved successful and are highly respected. Superbrands have built a significant audience and recognition for the brands it features through extensive distribution in both local and international markets as well as our numerous public relations programs. The Superbrands Award Seal “Philippines’ Choice” has successfully promoted participating brands by co-branding with our worldwide presence using billboards, product packaging, print and TV, and a variety of “below the line” marketing efforts. With local and multinational brands competing to establish a solid presence in the Philippines, there has been a growing interest worldwide in understanding this market’s leading brands. Superbrands serves as an instrument for consumer education as well as an effective communication tool, accomplished through an approach more entertaining and celebrated than other forms of communication.

    SMI also provides “PR” services and strategic media management. Multiple platforms are readily available including social networking sites. Brand management is key to most products and services other than the traditional advertising campaign to generate an awareness they require. Branding consults are also available to discerning brands.

    Our worldwide presence is proof of our integrity to be the global brand arbiter. In the Philippines, we are the only international award-giving body with a program towards participation. The criterion adheres to a worldwide standard common in all countries we operate in.

    We believe firmly the branding concept wherein only through the consistent delivery of a brand promise can generate integrity to make it the brand. Superbranding is the strategic management of your brand!

    We congratulate the Superbrand Awardees for 2014–2016 Volume 8.

    2013-2014 – VOLUME 8

    1st Certificate—Whealth Group; Burlington
    Orocan; Fuji Scales/ FPS; The Manila Times;

    GT Stoneworks; Home Shop Network; Philippine Prudential Life; BusinessWorld

    Health News; Her Word; PaperTech; HealthWell; Glutamax and G A O C.

    2nd Certificate – Fortress Adhes; Playboy;
    Sante’; Tan & Tan; Eng Bee Tin; Yakult;
    PhilFlex; Aqua Health; MyIphone; PhilFlex
    Columbia; Asahi; and Cherubin.

    3rd Certificate—MetTahione; A Bonne’; Eng Bee Tin; Chooks-to-Go; Salem Beds; San Yang; Victory Global; Fern-C; Fern I-Flex; Fern-Coffee and Solignum.


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