Superbrands awards gold trophy to The Times

Superbrands Chairman karl mclean (right) and worldwide superbrands tv and council member Jason lawrence evan smith (left) pose with the manila times supplements editor lea beltran (second, left) and reginet samsom after presenting the gold trophy and the superbrands volume viii coffee table book to the manila times. PHOTO By Ruy MARTinez

Superbrands Chairman Karl Mclean (right) and worldwide Superbrands TV and council member Jason Lawrence Evan Smith (left) pose with the Manila Times Supplements editor Lea Beltran (second, left) and Reginet Samsom after presenting the gold trophy and the Superbrands volume VIII coffee table book to The Manila Times. Photo By Ruy Martinez

THE Manila Times was one of the gold trophy awardees in the Superbrands Biennial Formal Gala Tribute Night held at the Main Ballroom of New World Hotel Makati on Thursday.

Aside from The Times, the other awardees are A Bonne—Federal Marketing Inc.; Asahi Electrical Manufacturing Corp.; Burlington Industries Philippines, Business World Publishing Corp.; Columbia International Food Products, Inc.; Eng Bee Tin—Hopia King Bakery; Fern-C—Fern, Inc.; Fuji—First Philippine Scales, Inc.; Home Shopping Network, Inc.; Met Thatione’—White Beauty Corporation; Orocan—Ashlar Industrial Corporation; Philflex—Philips Wire and Cable Company; Philippine Prudential Life Insurance; Red Fox—Asian Technology Computer Sales Corporation; Solignum—Jardine Distrubution Inc.; Whealth, Inc.; and Yakult Philippines, Inc.

Copies of the Superbrands Volume VIII Coffee Table Book were distributed during the night.

Superbrands Marketing International Inc. (SMI) is the only international award-giving body on marketing/branding in the Philippines.

Over the past 20 years, SMI has produced high-quality publications that serve and promote over 14,000 of the greatest brands in 90 countries worldwide. In the Philippines, Superbrands choose some of the strongest local and foreign brands.

“We believe firmly in the branding concept wherein only through the consistent delivery of a brand promise can generate integrity to make it the brand. Superbranding is the strategic management of your brand,” Karl McLean, SMI Chairman, said.

This year’s Volume VIII Council Members include The Manila Times’ Executive Editor Dante “Klink” Ang, Barbie Lozno Atienza, Larry Brouhard, Rudolf Kotik, Miguel and Kaye Olfindo, Basti Artadi, Kenneth Rocete, Rommel Sangalang, Jason Lawrence Evan Smith, Atty Sara Jane A. Saguitan, Jolly Timbol, Malou Tiqula and Dan Villa.

Before the awarding ceremony, five resource persons gave presentations. Chris Chua talked about Billboard Advertising Association; Rommel Sangalang, Finance; Jolly Timbol, Pnoy Cloud; Jason Lawrence Evan Smith, SBTV; Miguel Olfindo and Basti Artadi, AV Production Broadcast, and Atty. Sara Suguitan, Trademarks, Patents and Copyright.


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