Superbrands history


Superbrands was created in London in 1994. It started as a radio show on GLR (now BBC Radio London). This radio show provided consumers with insights into exceptional brands that touched their lives. Each show explored the origins of the brand, its current proposition and its future prospects. Following the success of the radio shows, Superbrands created hard cover books which paid tribute to the leading brands in each market. In 1997, the media concept was expanded to Australia and Singapore, and in 2000 the concept was rolled out in Denmark, Hong Kong, Spain, France, Portugal, Sweden, Malaysia and the United States of America.

In 2000, Superbrands launched its first new product publishing Business Superbrands, a program focused specifically on business-to-business brands. Between 2000 and 2010, Superbrands opened dozens of new markets around the world. In Romania, Superbrands entered the market the year before Romania’s accession to the European Union through the reputed PR and strategic communication agency BDR Associates. The year 2006 was the year of the pilot program, when the public was getting used to brand definitions and meanings.

The Product—Superbrands is by invitation only, and the brands which have been successfully graded or voted through independent research and the stringent Superbrands Council selection processes can participate in the Superbrands Programs. The centerpiece of Superbrands is a hard cover reference book which features many of the nation’s greatest brands, and provides many fascinating insights into the strongest and most valuable brands in the country. Qualified Superbrands receive many additional benefits to their participation in the Superbrands Programs. These qualified brands receive copies of the Superbrands books to use for their own marketing purposes, often with customized covers. The participating brands attend the Superbrands Events where significant media coverage and public relations activities are achieved, resulting in considerable media impact on consumers.

Qualified Superbrands are also provided with a special Award Seal, which they can use on their advertising and marketing materials and packaging. Independent research conducted in more than 50 countries by leading independent research companies such as Nielsen, TNS and Synovate confirm that brands which use the Superbrands Award Seal on their advertising and marketing materials are significantly more likely to increase sales to consumers. Most of the independent research studies conducted among consumers in each country show that consumers are about 75 percent more likely to purchase products or services displaying the Superbrands Award Seal.

Superbrands continues to move into new regional markets while reviewing the scope of existing programs and potential new programs in each current territory. Through technologies such as motion graphics and YouTube, Superbrands is now able to bring the brand spreads in its publications to life through sound and pictures. Superbrands has recently created a new division called “Superbrands TV” which will showcase leading brands through video productions which will appear on the company’s website and on YouTube. Superbrands is excited about this move into the digital arena, and expects to produce hundreds of brand videos over the next two years. The Superbrands brand has been extremely successful and enjoys significant positive awareness. The company’s high production values, and exceptional product quality and content ensure considerable media focus. Many Superbrands Programs are supported by national advertising and PR campaigns. These campaigns have been run on TV, radio and in national newspapers and magazines.

The Superbrands website is always one of the first destinations for journalists, researchers, students, consumers and anyone looking for information on brands. It enjoys more than a 100,000 unique users per month. The media coverage afforded to Superbrands in each country upon the release of the publications and following the Superbrands Events is phenomenal. In many countries, millions of dollars of advertising and PR value are given to Superbrands following these promotions.


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