Supercar Sunday!


“If you think you’re fast, take it to the track, not on the streets,” once told late Racing legend Pocholo Ramirez at a bunch of lead-footed car enthusiasts who were racing for the first time in the former hallowed ground for racing, the Subic International Raceway. Tito Poch, as he was known among friends and the local media, was an advocate of eliminating street racing, which is unsafe and poses a serious threat to the motoring public.

That was one of his primary purposes why he established the Subic International Raceway, for racers to have a venue where they can go all out to test their modified cars and race cars.

Last weekend, the Clark International Speedway played host to an estimated 80 super cars and about a 110+ Japanese rockets. It was organized by Carlos Gono, managing partner of Autoplus and distributor of Motul oil and lubricants.

“Our goal is to promote safe racing and for super car owners to stretch the legs of their exotic cars. This event is a follow up to our successful staging the Mile Run six years ago, and patrons of the brand were clamoring for a repeat of that momentous event,” said Gono, who is the brains behind the First Motul 300V Superfast Trackday.

Luis Gono (left) looks on as dad Carlos Gono does some last minute adjustments to the Lotus Exige’s video camera.

For a day, the Clark Speedway was a hotbed of activity with Italian super cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maseratti; German marques Porsche, Audi, and BMW; and British brands such as Aston Martin and Lotus. The Americans were represented by a Dodge Charger and Ford Mustangs carving up some asphalt. Not be outdone by their European counterparts, a fleet of tuned Nissan GTRs and Civic Type Rs held their own and gamely attacked the fast corners against the Europeans around the speedway.

“I want to test how much punishment and how fast my Type R would be around the track,” added businessman Alwyn Ching. For stockbroker Maurice Laude, driving his Limited Edition Lamborghini Super Trofeo was a means to destress. “It was fun and it felt good to go all out in a proper venue. I got to appreciate the technology of Lamborghini,” added Laude.

Prior to attacking the racetrack by mid morning, young hotshoe Luis Gono did some hot laps around the track driving his Lotus Exige V6 to set the best time of 2:01.98, which challenged the participants. With JP Tuason at the helm and Edward dela Rosa of Flatout Racing in charge of the track, the super cars and a host of Subaru STIs, tuned Civics, Mitsubishi Evolutions, and Nissan 350 and 370 Zs took to the track and burned rubber the whole day.

Because of the stringent scruteneering and safety regulations enforced during the track day, there were no accidents or incidents of mechanical trouble. “This is a testimony of Motul’s engine protection and performance under heavy stress during track conditions. All of the cars were driven from Manila and from the neighboring provinces,” said Gono.



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