• Suppliers also made money from PDAF


    If PNoy is really bent on running after those who made their fortune stealing from the government’s coffers, he should order the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate and file plunder charges against those who amassed wealth through the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

    There are a lot of contractors who made their fortune out of the “pork barrel” of lawmakers, yet their names were not included in the list submitted by Secretary Panfilo Lacson.

    The reason is simple. Lacson’s list came from the husband of Janet Napoles. Only those contractors deemed as their direct competitors in “ghost” projects were written on that list.

    However, a supplier who requested anonymity said not all contractors engaged in “ghost” deliveries. Most of them were involved in overpricing and deliveries of substandard materials or goods.

    One such example is a company called Mayland, owned by Beth and Jed Gracia, that supplies computers and high-tech gadgets, said the source.

    Between 2008 and 2010, the company delivered hundreds of computers to various schools that were funded by the pork barrel of congressmen.

    The problem was, the computers were allegedly overpriced by as much as P350,000 each to cover the kickbacks or commissions of the unscrupulous lawmakers.

    The source said the Gracia couple paid up to 70 percent commission to every member of the House of Representatives who bought computers from Mayland using their PDAF.

    Another supplier, Vivarich, owned by Leony Medina, also overpriced elementary and high school textbooks during the same period.

    The publishing house allegedly overpriced each textbook to cover the seventy percent commission demanded by the lawmakers.

    Though most of the suppliers really delivered the goods, they were either overpriced or substandard, added my source.

    No wonder public schools always lack books or learning equipment because they easily break due to poor quality.

    Paging Commission on Audit Chairman Grace Pulido-Tan!

    Patricia Tan mentored Napoles?
    One of the names that appeared in the pork list submitted by Lacson to the Senate blue ribbon committee on Tuesday was Patricia “Gay” Agana Tan.

    Tan is said to be one of the contractors who had business dealings with several senators who reportedly misused their pork barrel funds.

    A former staff of Tan told TV 5 in an exclusive interview on Monday, however, that Patricia, who is better as known “Gay Tan” to lawmakers, is not just an ordinary contractor. She is said to be far richer than Janet Lim-Napoles.

    “Siya po ang nagturo kay Janet kung papaano kumita sa PDAF at nagpakilala din sa ilang mga senador at congressman [she taught Janet how to earn from PDAF and introduced her to some senators and congressmen],” Tan’s former employee told TV 5.

    Our informant, who requested to be called “Helen,” also said Tan is the daughter of former Bohol congresswoman Venice Agana. She is married to one of the nephews of business tycoon Lucio Tan.

    “Helen” also revealed that some of the 82 bogus foundations or non-government organizations (NGOs) that were earlier said to be run by Napoles actually belong to Tan.

    “Yung yaya niya noong bata pa siya na si Baby Mamangon ang ginawa niyang presidente ng isa sa kanyang mga pekeng foundations [she made her nanny, Baby Mamangon, as president of one of her fake foundations],” Helen continued.

    The informant said part of her duties was to pay off the lawmakers who “sold” their PDAF- funded projects to the petite contractor.

    She recalled paying off a party-list representative P3 million in a restaurant inside a mall in Ortigas, Mandaluyong City. She was given P100,000 by the lawmaker as a tip.

    A certain “Director Cayanon” of the Department of Agriculture (DA) preferred his “commission” delivered to his office at the Elliptical Circle in Quezon City, Helen said.

    The official was given P5 million by Patricia Tan in exchange for a P100-million garden tools project for Region 3. But the tools were never delivered to farmers.

    Patricia, who has four grown kids, was rumored as the mistress of a lawmaker from a lone district in the eastern part of Metro Manila.

    The first time Tan’s name cropped up in the PDAF scam was in July 2013 when Janet Napoles attended a roundtable discussion of newspaper editors and reporters claiming that a Patricia Gay Tan, not her, started the pork barrel scam.

    Tan remains silent over the issue and continues to avoid the media.

    I just hope that Patricia “Gay” Agana Tan would do a Ruby Tuason and return the people’s money to the government.



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    1. And yes Mr Tulfo, P’Noy himself will only discredit his few selective personal opponents like the CJ Renato Corona, Marcos, Santiago and Villar and others who will be a threat to him after he leaves office, and also by appointing more SC justices to secure it.

    2. The lifestyle of all others, i.e., contractors, agents , etc., aside from those in the ‘Napoilist’ or in the Luy list in the PDAF scandal should be investigated. Otherwise, the government is doing a great disservice to the people and to the country. A ‘haphazard’ and partisan cleanup in the government will make things worse in the future; prosecutions and ‘persecutions’ will always be a vicious circle, as changes occur in the government. As of now, there are two previous consecutive presidents already who have been incarcerated. I won’t be suprised at all if there willl be a third, etc.