In support of Taiwan’s participation as an observer in Interpol


    The fight against crime extends across national boundaries. Indeed, Interpol’s Constitution refers to involving “all criminal police authorities” to establish a global public security network and create a cooperation platform for police agencies from around the world.

    In 1961, Taiwan joined Interpol under the name National Central Bureau of the Republic of China. Since 1984, when its status and rights in the organization were taken over by mainland China, Taiwan has not been able to participate in Interpol-related activities, affecting its efforts to formulate counterterrorism regulations and enhance professional capabilities.

    Even though Taiwan currently receives important Interpol information forwarded by friendly nations, such information is neither up-to-date nor complete. If Interpol were to invite Taiwan to participate in its meetings, mechanisms, and activities, Taiwan could synchronize its efforts with member states’ police agencies.

    The 2017 Summer Universiade will be held in Taipei, Taiwan. More than 12,000 athletes from all around the world will gather in Taiwan. For the safety of all who attend this grand sporting event, it is necessary for Taiwan to be able to engage in information exchanges with all Interpol members.

    Taiwan hopes to attend Interpol’s 85th General Assembly—to be held in Bali, Indonesia, in November 2016—as an observer under the name Chinese Taipei, so as to directly take part in the sharing of international security intelligence and cooperation on combating terrorism and cross-border crime.


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