Supporters defend Duterte vs ‘sinister plot’


OFFICIALS from various government agencies on Friday gathered at the historic Club Filipino in what was seen as a show of force to defend President Rodrigo Duterte from a supposed ouster plot.

In a news conference, leaders and supporters of the Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte National Executive Coordinating Committee (MRRD-NECC), which claims a million members, vowed to resist moves to topple the President.

“In less than six months of his presidency, the President has accomplished a lot in the areas of criminality and illegal drugs, corruption and the drive toward federalism. In the process, many were affected by these serious campaigns, including those who used to gain from their evil ways,” lawyer Guiling Mamondiong, MRRD-NECC chairman and director general of the Technical Education and Skills Development Administration, said.

“These threats on the office of the people’s President will not prosper. Any supposed plan being hatched by anyone or group of removing him from office through unconstitutional means shall be dealt with blunt force by the millions of Filipinos who have had enough of the apathy, negligence and ineptness of previous administrations,” he stressed.

President Duterte himself said earlier this week that the “Yellows” were out to oust him, in response to claims by Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo that she would be unseated. Robredo quit the Cabinet by resigning as housing czar effective Monday, after being told to stop attending Cabinet meetings.

The MRRD-NECC, which claims to have convinced Duterte to run for President, said there was a campaign by the opposition and their affiliates to discredit the President before the international community by projecting an ugly picture of the anti-drug campaign.

“They use and abuse the term extrajudicial killings or EJK with impunity when the fact is that EJK is a misnomer and an illusion. The term EJK already prejudges every murder committed against anyone as government-initiated which is not the case. There is no statute in Philippine laws that punishes EJK as a crime. It is a political term used to demean and discredit the government,” Mamondiong said.


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  1. EJK is a crime. Whether it is committed by the government of otherwise, it is a crime. There is no death penalty is the RP.