Supreme Court chooses decency, not expediency


IT is laudable and encouraging that the Supreme Court decided last week to give due course to the citizens’ petition for immediate action against officials behind the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and the misuse of the pork barrel or PDAF by asking the Ombudsman to comment on the petition.

In issuing the order, the Supremes were not hampered by worries about the feelings of the sitting president. Instead of voting for political expediency, it declared that decency in government must come first. For this is as it should be. And this is what our people have long been craving for in this country.

Specifically, the SC ordered Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to comment on the petition that seeks the issuance of a judicial order that will compel the Ombudsman to investigate the authors, proponents and implementers of the disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and pursue the investigation and prosecution of persons involved in the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam.

This is a huge step forward because until the SC decided to accept the case, we the people had been consigned to living with the seeming impunity (exemption from punishment) of high public officials for crimes in their official conduct, as no investigations and no charges were being filed against them despite decisions already made by the High Court on the illegality of the DAP and PDAF.

If anyone should be mad about the inaction, it is the SC because its decisions that are being ignored.

We have watched with frustration as Budget Secretary Florencio Abad has continued his rape of the budget, and sleeps well with his loot intact, while the public suffers from the miseries of misgovernance and government corruption.

With this case going forward, the nation now knows that President Aquino, regardless of his presidential immunity, will be investigated for his critical part in the depredations of the DAP and PDAF.

If the petition for mandamus is granted, the Ombudsman and the justice department must perform their statutory duty to probe Aquino for impeachment purposes, and to investigate Abad, Senate President Franklin Drilon and Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. for their respective roles in facilitating such a massive looting of the public treasury.

There is no question here that the president can be investigated by the Ombudsman for “any serious misconduct in office.” His so-called presidential immunity does not exempt him because no one is above the law.

Within the high court, there is one thorn which the public should worry about. Among the justices, Junior Associate Justice Marvic Leonen showed once again his total subservience to President Aquino, who appointed him to his post after negotiating the infamous Comprehensive Agreementr on the Bangsamoro (CAB).

Leonen pushed for the immediate junking of the petition, but he was totally swamped by his colleagues who believe that Aquino, like all other officials, must be subjected to investigation – even if the investigation will be conducted by officials who owe their positions to him, namely Ombudsman Morales and Justice Secretary De Lima.

Justice Leonen misunderstands the institution that he is fortunate to be a member of. He has not realize yet that temperamentally and judiciously, the Court has decisively moved towards the affirmation of decency in government and the rejection of immorality in public service. It will consistently do the right thing when asked to rule on an issue vital to the public interest.

We pray he, like the Chief Justice, herself an Aquino appointee, learns to value the dignity and vital role of the Supreme Court in keeping our Republic and its institutions alive and well by being a fount of wisdom and civic virtue.


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  1. iba talaga itong si leonen. walang pag galang sa posisyon nya bilang huwes ng korte suprema. sunod sunuran pa rin sa mga sinasabi ni boy sisi. show independence sir. ilang beses ka ng nagpakita ng pagsunod sa gusto ni boy sisi

  2. Bakit si duterte… Sa dami ng pinapatay nya, public official pa rin. Di naman sya exept sa punishment.

    Paano lahat ng taga davao takot sa kanya. Rule of law is absent in davao.

    • Mas desente ang pumatay ng mga pasaway kesa makipag kaisa ka sa kanila! tignan mo ang DAVAo nagtransform into ang livable city sa buong mundo kasi takot ang mga pasaway! Sana nga lahat kawatan sa gobyerno patayin para may kaunlaran!

    • Are you living in Davao to misjudge Duterte for his iron-clad rule? What is your basis that there is no rule of law in Davao?

    • Kung sigurado ka with probable cause na maraming pinatay si Duterte, ej di kasuhan mo. Otherwise hearsay lang yan.

  3. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Kudos to the Chief Justice. She is not only showing that the SC being the court of last resort must live up to its reason for being. Justice Leonen is simply showing the man he is with his blind following of P-Noy who appointed him to the post. Loyalty and Justice are two things which Justice Leonen should remember and practice. Where is the UPian spirit? God bless the Philippines.

  4. Than k God we have a good Supreme Court. Mayt pag-asa pa ang Philippine Republic natin na ma save from the criminal mind of BS Aquino and his Gang.

  5. The IDEA is commendable, but the timing and the persons to handle the investigation (DOJ sec Leila de Lima, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales) are questionable!, knowing that they are both a political appointee of Pres Aquino! Seeing their selective justice rendition, (Grinding on the targeted oppositions while keeping the pro Administration) clouded so much doubt on the sincerity of this endeavor! Majority will think that this will become a technical maneuver of political laundering aimed at cleansing president Aquino before his term end! In my personal opinion, this should be done in the right time and by the right persons, and that is after the end of pres Aquino’s term and by the new DOJ sec and new Ombudsman to at least ensure impartiality on judicial rendition..

  6. Yes, to decency. No, to expediency. Those Catholic and Protestant dead and wounded in Tacloban City could had been buried and helped with ease if only the Roman Catholic Church revealed the address, gate, and combination key of Purgatory.

    Purgatory is a case of a lie and deception doctrine wherein an emergency situation is made worse because the fabrication is of no value at all for no MEDIVAC can be instituted to ease the sufferings of Catholic and Protestant faithful.

    The Purgatory Doctrine is a scam. It has no location but in the obfuscated brain of pagans like those in ABS-CBN. And ABS-CBN being true to its “capitalism without a conscience” formula will never tell the public that Purgatory is a duping enterprise of a yellow religion with a mouthpiece composed of yellow journalists from ABS-CBN.

    Even YayaDub is not excluded from the so-called “capitalism without a conscience” which ABS-CBN wants to do with impunity on its own pagan people. Continue the boycott of ABS-CBN. Down with its yellow journalism and yellow pagan religion.

    • Justaskingseriously on

      Yes! Let’s toast to decency! And down with expediency!!! Very good, Rizalino Arabbis.
      Let’s look at decency and what it is in real life. Let’s see how decency compares with expediency.

      When the poor people in Tacloban looked for shelter during the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and came to the doors of Iglesia ni Cristo, did INC give them shelter? No!!! That was against decency to deny shelter to the poor. You are quick to mention the “keys” to Purgatory. What you conveniently gloss over is the shutting of your doors to people in need and using your keys to lock your doors. Highly indecent of you, INC. You read the bible. You intentionally failed to “give shelter to the homeless” whose shanties were blown away by Yolanda. As to expediency, it was to your interest to keep the INC cathedral speck and span and free of uncleanness. That’s expediency: always looking for your own self interest. Ethical principles thrown out in favor of self interest.

      During political elections, INC as a church vote as one church. Is that decency? No!!! Church as church is being indecent when its members are bound by their leadership to follow the leader(s) in exercising their POLITICAL DUTIES. Land of the free? Not among the INC. Home of the brave? Not for the INC members who are herded like cattle under threat of expulsion for going maverick. Technically, the INC should be made to pay taxes, because this political exercise of forcing block voting makes the INC a POLITICAL PARTY. All political parties are such, because parties vote as a block. Tax exemption is reserved for religious churches. Any time any church ceases to be religious and turns into a political party, the exemption is forfeited. But does it happen to the INC? No. Why not? The INC leadership exert political influence instead. Juicy positions in civil government are payment for their block voting. Expediency and indecency go together. Self interest is the powerful motive for block voting.

      So how does INC portray its being a church? By building imposing cathedrals (one only wonders how the funds were raised). In the area of doctrine, how does INC teach? Whatever catholics and protestants believe, the INC simply teach the opposite. How indecent and how expedient! Examples? 1. Jesus Christ is not God. 2. There is no Holy Trinity. 3. Saturday is the true Sabbath. 4. Catholics and Protestants are pagans. 5. There is no resurrection of the body. 6. The soul goes back to god (and becomes part of god?). 7. So only INC members will be saved (wonder from what?).

      So while on this planet, the only meaningful thing is to attack what the real Jesus Christ teaches while calling themselves church of CHRIST. Irony of ironies! The wily Serpent in the garden of Eden, the father of lies, at its best! That is ANTI-CHRIST masquerading as iglesia ni cristo.

    • Decency? where is the decency in you? or in your organization… he who comes to equity must come with clean hands… You speak of purgatory without a cent of knowledge about it. Yet you would blindly believe, that your founder is the real sugo coming from “closest to where the sun rises” and so your founder appointed himself as that man from the far east? did Isaiah had in mind the prime meridian back then (which was designed only recently to designate east to west) so as to perfectly point that far east (closest to where the sun rises) of his (Isaiah) time includes the Philippines?

      And by the way, literally, the caritas internationalis of the Catholic church is one of the first to respond on ground zero and is continuously providing assistance to Tacloban, while your local church refuse to provide refuge to the victims, and while your ministers and sangunians are enjoying the 10% mandatory contributions of your poor followers.

      You need not know the key to purgatory, for there is no need of purification for people like you particularly to your founder who denied Jesus and instead made himself lord… he who denies the Spirit is damned so the Scripture says… You will never need purgatory, but you will have a free fall to hell.

      How dare your founder call himslef sugo puting himself above Jesus. Jesus was charged with treason, but even his persecutor affirmed His being the true Son of God, while your founder was charged with rape, and whom the Supreme Court branded as a “man of vile morals”…

      Bother, not your self with purgatory, a concept well defined for thousands of years by the apostles and the Church doctors, go ahead with your non-thinking, irrational faith, whose basic theology is “show me in the Bible” and yet whose founder’s name cannot be found in the Bible. Bother not your self with purgatory, for you will someday join your founder in the lake of fire…

  7. If DAP and PDAP are being declared by the Supreme Court as illegal, then those, violating must be brought to jail. No ifs and buts. The Filipino people must only be the sole beneficiary and not the cathedrals, churches, and cross-eyed images of those pagan religions. No money should be spent to ease the burden of a sinking religion most especially if these are known through the tri-media as awash with graft and corruption. It is not the fault of the Filipinos in general if these religions are presently undergoing the pains of the so-called “Great Religious Recession”. God’s creation must not suffer for the plantings of Satan during the time when the Apostles were already dead.

    • and, INC organized in 1914.If they say only them will be saved, how about the apostles, prophet and others who wrote the bible they are reading? They are using the book written by those people who were not members of their church. Logic dictates that they are teaching their members using the bible created by people not members of their sect and the bible tells us, who follow the teachings of this bible will be saved, therefore they are fake. If they say Paul, mark, luke, mathew and john are members of their church ( in anyway they cannot prove it), i will join them.

    • Which religion is sinking? and which cathedral and churches are being funded by public funds? Seems like it is your church receiving public funds stolen by the politicians as payment for block voting…

      Which Church is sinking? for sure not the Universal Church, but the church founded by a man, and now whose children are fighting each other because of corruption issues… have they not been taught by their father of the virtue of decency? or their father knows no decency?

      And true enough when the law says illegal, and the law exacts punishment, it must be carried out and there is no religious impunity as one sect would insist.

  8. The Supreme Court must be also aware of ABS-CBN as a station practicing yellow journalism. For this station is a bastion of disinformation and deceitful journalism. Whatever the Supreme Court considers as a breach of the law must be reported in its rectifying decisions as pure and perfect, and, must not be twisted by this TV station in its original intent and purpose..This station must be stopped in its “capitalism without a conscience” formula of maintaining its closeness and brushing-elbows with the elite. Justice and business must possess conscience. And the Supreme Court is in the right direction while ABS-CBN is in haywire, moral degeneration, and wallowing in uncivilized low I.Q. brain obfuscation.

    But Ted Failon is an exception!

    • So you call your self a man of high IQ yet you would blindly obey your leaders to go to EDSA and block the major thorough fair of Metro Manila, under the guise of advancing the doctrine of separation of State and Church which you cannot comprehend. By believing in your ministers that your faith is being attacked when in fact they are using you as human shield to protect your sanggunians who are criminally charged.

      Why not speak of justice and conscience to your leaders who act as if they are above the law…

  9. Margielina C. Maniquez on

    About time to investigate and hold those government Officials and/or their minions accountable for these unconstitutional disbursements of public funds.

  10. Political expediency, if it will remain unchecked as indicated in this column, will surely ruin our democratic system. We need people in the government who are broad-minded enough and future-thinking. Officials who can only be removed by impeachment should forget about their benefactors and adhere to what is proper and beneficial to the people of the republic. Otherwise, it won’t be long before we will all ‘perish’ as freedom-loving people.