• Supreme Court deals blow to Obama climate plan


    WASHINGTON, D.C.: The US Supreme Court on Tuesday put on hold a sweeping plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fueled power plants, dealing a significant blow to President Barack Obama’s efforts to rein in climate change. A coalition of 27 US states — most of them run by Obama’s Republican adversaries — is suing in a lower court to halt Obama’s Clean Power Plan, and petitioned the Supreme Court to suspend its implementation until the case is resolved. The White House said it was disappointed in the ruling, but convinced the ambitious plan to slash US emissions was based on a strong legal foundation, and would prevail. Tuesday’s ruling, backed by five of the nine Supreme Court justices, halts the rollout of rules that require the power sector’s carbon dioxide emissions to be slashed by at least 32 percent compared to 2005 levels by the year 2030.



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