• Supreme Court is key to Bangsamoro problem


    The filing before the Supreme Court of two petitions seeking to nullify the two agreements that the Aquino government signed with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is timely and a great service to the nation.

    This is a necessary step toward resolving a highly anomalous situation, wherein the Philippine Constitution and the Republic’s territorial integrity have been placed at grave risk by a president hell-bent on ramming down the nation’s throat a Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) that would create a substate alongside the Republic of the Philippines.

    It might have been better had the petitions been immediately filed after President Benigno B.S. Aquino 3rd insanely and irresponsibly affixed his signature to the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB), and its precedent the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB). That way, the debate over the legality of the Bangsamoro deals would have taken place early, and we might have been spared the wasteful expense of public money on this mad venture.

    “Just as the SC pulled the rug from under the feet of MOA-AD and rendered all discussions of it moot and futile, so would a decision of nullification turn the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro and Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro into paper deals.”

    The citizens who filed the petitions fully deserve the nation’s gratitude for their patriotism in coming up with a solution to the nation’s predicament over the Bangsamoro project.

    The first petition was filed by the Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa), which pleaded for the issuance of a temporary restraining order (TRO), and challenged the FAB and CAB on the grounds of unconstitutionality.

    The second petition was filed by former Negros Oriental Representative Jacinto Paras. Paras contended that the FAB and CAB were like the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) with the MILF, which was struck down earlier as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court (SC).

    Philconsa claimed the FAB and CAB granted concessions to the MILF beyond the powers of the President to bestow and in violation of the Constitution and existing laws.

    We commend the petitioners, including top leaders of the Catholic Church, who have taken the lead in formally questioning the agreements underpinning the controversial BBL. If the High Court agrees with their appeal for relief, it would resolve and wipe away the prolonged contention over the BBL in Congress.

    Just as the SC pulled the rug from under the feet of MOA-AD and rendered all discussions of it moot and futile, so would a decision of nullification turn the FAB and CAB into paper deals.

    The argument of the Palace that these petitions are premature, and that petitioners should wait for Congress to pass the BBL before going to the high court, is foolish.

    It would have our people wait until the nation’s house is already burning, before seeking remedy and relief.

    That course is the way of madness.

    Fortunately, there are responsible members of society who will not allow the Aquino government to endanger the Republic further. They will fight this peril in the High Court. They are resolved to win there.


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    1. who among you, want a substate inside Philippine territory?? Are you out of your mind… Then our taxes will be given to Bangsamoro nation…>… This is the idea of Stupid mind and idiot people..Aside from being unconstitutional..the BBL.
      Just like what happened to our Scarabough shoal. china already taken this island. this president dont do nothing, He is the only president of the Philippines , na naagawan ng teritoryo ng China..may kasunod pa na kukunin ng china, kapag hindi kumilos ang ating military or navy.. marahil wala na tayong patrol boat.. mawawala ng isa isa ang isla ng bansang pilipinas at itong abnormal na presidente , tatakas iyan upang umalis ng bansa para magtago.

    2. Grace Castro on

      It’s good that the SC junk the petitions against BBL because its just being premature. expect, In the next few days, we will continue to hear more Senators chiming in, poking holes, saying “ang problema dyan ganito” and presenting unrealistic suggestions as if Muslim Mindanao has 43 more years to wait for Peace and Development. malapit na kasi ang eleksyon, kanya kanyang pabango ng pangalan, kawawa namang yung mga Families ng Muslim sa Mindanao, who pin their hopes on it for a different future for their children. Save the BBL. Pass it now!

    3. Charlie Lopez on

      Petitions in SC versus the BBL straight to trash bin. Also send to the trash can the trapos who are using the issue for media mileage. The issues they have raised have all been answered but of course, they would not listen. They want to continue to milk the BBL for propaganda.

      • vagoneto rieles on

        The likelihood of sounding presumptuous is nothing compared to what’s at stake courtesy of the BBL. ARMM now controls provinces, cities and towns whose total area is just under 30,000 sq. km. Add to this the increments under consideration for the BBL.. to expand Bangsamoro’s area.. and you would have the area of Belgium..30,528 sq. km. Further, in light of the earlier statements that this ‘concession’ will include “sharing power and wealth with the government”, the very concept of ‘Bangsamoro’ is, at the very least a very bad idea. The Filipino Muslim, (I’ve met some who’d rather be called ‘mujaheddin’ rather than Filipino), have never been suppressed, or restricted..in religion, commerce or residence. They have always had mosques, stores and homes everywhere in the country.. especially in Metro-Manila. They have been, and still are endowed with all the freedoms that all Filipinos have. Must we really give them a base where they could isolate themselves, establish ‘sharia law’, and legally form an armed ‘militia’, (police)? Should we concede 10% of the country’s area of barely 300,000 sq. km. to just 4.8% of the population? One more question..will they ever be satisfied?

    4. Granting them self rule is only the first step they will declare independent in the future. Nobody can guarantee they won’t unless their was a clause prohibit them to declare independent in the future.

    5. Nikka Antonio on

      The petitions versus BBL were just raising issues that have all been answered. SOme people just won’t listen. They are just up for black propaganda against BBL for their own gain and interests.

    6. The petition at SC simply recycles Anti-BBL arguments such as the issue of a separate state ALL of which have been answered line by line by Constitutionalists and all of which have been addressed by a substitute bill in the House. This exercise is nothing but a publicity stunt by trapos who think nothing of delaying peace and development in Mindanao.

    7. isidro c. valencia on

      If we will consider that at this point, BBL is still subject to debate, there are possibilities that some provisions or wordings of the provisions might be deleted, changed, amended, added or subtracted.

      Then, the arguments presented by the proponents in the Supreme Court might become irrelevant to the amended BBL. It is like putting the cart ahead of horse.

    8. P.Akialamiro on

      How ‘gullible’ have Pres. BS Aquino and his government become? Short-sighted and so naive not to have the foresight of possible ‘disservice’ to the Fili[ino people. The BBL is not an honest-to-goodness agreement, and will possibly erode the integrity of the Philippines as a republic. As such, it is not also conducive to the development of the ‘Bangsamoro’ as a governing entity of the intended parties. It is not comprehensive enough to cover the supposed tribes and groups as envisioned in the BBL. It is an ‘unpariotic’ act of the president and his negotiators which calls for the ‘check’ of an expected pro-active Congress and other government branches. For a better and ‘patriotic’ BBL, right on BBM!

    9. Odnalor Obirt on

      This time our support “NOT TO PASS THE BBL” is by the use of Social media. When time comes that we have to go to the streets and or armed ourselves, we will be self obliged to do so in order to preserve the Republic of the Philippines with one constitution, one flag and undivided territories. We will never agree to be regarded as kuffars or infidels that need to be killed by Islam believers. We will never agree that our daughters be sex slaves of Jihadist who believed in the teachings of Qur’an’s Surah Principles.

    10. It’s a shame that the president controls the supreme court, Might as well appoint Aquino king of the Philippines and declare all he senators princes and princesses. The political dynasties are passing their positions down to their children so whats really the difference ?

    11. Yes, the filers of the petitions with the SC did a good thing for the people and the Nation.