Sure fire guide to a perfect holiday movie night


Can’t wait to curl up in front of the TV in your pajamas after the last gift has been wrapped, the last party attended, and work takes a break for the holidays?

All you need is a good old cable TV, remote control, and cell phone to enjoy a comfy movie night at home

It’s still possible to enjoy a comfy movie night at home without having to worry about braving crowds and traffic. All you need is your good old cable TV, remote control, and cell phone to order food and all your dreams can come true.

Today, Fox Movies shares with The Manila Times its ongoing “Fox Movie Nights of Incredible Premieres” with 44 iconic Hollywood blockbuster movies airing until end December, paired with global food delivery service Foodpanda identified “Seven Movie Food Groups” for that perfect holiday movie night.

Popcorn. There’s a reason why we associate popcorn with the movies. Sweet or savory, buttered or salted, flavored or plain, air-popped or recreated as chicken, cheese, jalapeno, or any other type of “popper,” popcorn is the original “once you pop, you can’t stop” snack—to complement “stay-glued-to-your-screen” flicks like “The Magnificent Seven.”

Burgers. Meaty, cheesy, bacony, spicy—however you like your burgers, this most filling and iconic of sandwiches go great with rock-em sock-em movies like “Assassin’s Creed.” Tear off a bite during a lull in the action!

Nachos. Whether you like them plain, smothered with cheese, slathered with guacamole, or dipped in salsa, nachos can be a light pica for you or a satisfying meal when combined with a salad. Why not have a serving or two while you enjoy the timeless story of “Beauty and the Beast?”

Hot dogs. Bring your own definition of “everything on it” when you order this versatile sandwich. Whether eaten on the run or at leisure, who doesn’t love a hotdog? Go ahead, chow down on one as you marvel at the masterful handling of moral dilemmas in “Hacksaw Ridge.”

Pizza. No movie night at home is complete without pizza! No matter where you stand on the pineapples on pizza controversy, or the artisanal pizza debate, it’s hard to resist sinking your teeth into your choice of crust, stuffing, and toppings. It’s the best comfort food for movies that keep you on the edge of your seat almost the whole way through, especially “Star Wars: Rogue One.” Keep tissues handy for the ending—of both the movie and the pizza!

Fried chicken. Greasy, messy, and oh-so-delicious, your favorite fried chicken is the kind of food nobody outgrows. Whichever wayyou like it, fried chicken can be a snack or an entire meal. How about some Korean-style wings while watching the gritty and acclaimed “Logan?”

French fries. Some might argue that fries are just a side dish, but with flavors and the many variants—from camote to veggies other than potatoes—that they come in these days, fries have come into their own. And just as they go with just about any dish, fries complement any incredible movie.


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