‘Surrender in 48 hours or die’


    ‘BATO’ TAKES OVER PNP President Rodrigo Duterte places the four-star police general’s hat on his handpicked police chief, Director General Ronaldo ‘Bato’ de la Rosa in ceremonies at the police headquarters in Camp Crame. AFP PHOTO

    THE NEW chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) on Friday rolled out the anti-crime campaign of the Duterte administration with an ultimatum to policemen involved in illegal drugs: Surrender in 48 hours or fight a “war” against the government.

    Chief Supt. Ronaldo “Bato” de la Rosa officially rose to the rank of Director General, taking over the top position in the 160,000-strong PNP.

    “Either you are with me or you are not with me. If you are with me, then let’s do it, but if you are not with me, then you are finished,” de la Rosa said in his speech at Camp Crame in Quezon City.

    “Voluntarily surrender to me and tell me everything or go absent without leave at mag-fulltime drug lord at makipag-giyera sa amin [become fulltime drug lords and fight a war with us],” he said in his speech.

    “This has to stop right now or I will stop you from enjoying your evil life,” de la Rosa said.
    Drawing from Duterte’s campaign slogan, he added, “change is coming” for erring policemen, “including your birthday which will be changed to November 2,” referring to All Souls’ Day.

    Key pledge

    Crushing drug syndicates is key pledge of Duterte, whose victorious campaign highlighted rampant criminality abetted by corrupt law enforcement.

    According to the Dangerous Drugs Board, 1.3 million Filipinos are hooked on drugs, or one out of every 100 people.

    President Rodrigo Duterte swore in his handpicked PNP chief, administering the oath in English with de la Rosa responding in Filipino.

    “Congratulations, Bato,” Duterte told de la Rosa after swearing him in.

    Assisted by the new PNP chief’s family, Duterte placed the epaulets and cap of de la Rosa’s new rank, equivalent to a four-star general of the military.

    Later in the day de la Rosa, ordered a reshuffle of all police officials in the PNP directorate and regional offices.

    Internal cleansing

    While de la Rosa began his speech cracking jokes, he later turned serious, vowing to be “relentless in our internal cleansing efforts.”

    The new PNP chief warned policemen who extort money and engage in other abuses of authority that their days were numbered.

    De la Rosa zoomed in on Metro Manila policemen, who, he said, “boast” of being “ninjas” who “recycle” and sell drugs recovered from police raids.

    De la Rosa admitted that the task of reducing “to the lowest possible level” the country’s drug, crime and corruption problems was “daunting” but declared he was “not cowed” and was “optimistic that we can win this fight.”

    He asked the public to “be our prayer warriors” and “pray for our victory.”


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    1. My taxi driver was an addict. He chared me way too much so he could support his drug habits. He was scratching his arms like he couldn’t wait for the next high. Remember to find out who are in control of these drug mafia. Their leaders are not from the Philippines.

    2. It takes careful, methodical planning and strategy to eliminate corrupt cops or graft and corruption in the government. It is like removing CANCER. It mestastasized or spread to the bones and to the whole body. It takes a great leader with dedicated followers to win this fight.

      • Don Coquilla on

        President Duterte also needs a strong and potent “Praetorian Guard” of commandos to protect him and his government and a strong secret service organization to help search and arrests criminals. He needs the armed forces to be his allies to back him in this war.

    3. Bato your. 48hrs is over. What next? I’m giving you 12 hrs and I want result. I want them Dead. Or better quit.

    4. Nestor mendoza on

      I’m optimistic as well and my prayer goes with u sir how I wish free drugs phil

    5. The cleansing of the corruption in the Philippine government has begun.

      If you’re dirty, you had better watch out!

    6. The war on the poor

      Marine Lieutenant Colonel Ferdinand Marcelino was found in a house with 380p million worth of drugs and was released for lack of evidence.

    7. What he meant is simple those bad boys in the rank and file of the National Police has a records of wrong and corruption in their past term of office will be dismissed,resigned or eliminated from high ranking to the lowest elements of the police force.The reasons is to have effective force in war against crimes………It will start now….

    8. This what we need from a good policemen who knows how to hold his gun and shoot…most plociemen hold their for display only, they are trembling their while holding their guns those could not shoot because already been influence of drugs….kill these drug lords and addicts right away without any further arguments. Drug lords and addicts deserve no mercy…drugs is more lethal than an atomic bombs….they already killed and destroyed billions of life., I will salute you Mr. “Bato” and “Digong” we are behind you …always

    9. When will the Police extortion, drug supply stop in Angeles City and Subic Bay?

      It is well know every bar must pay bribe money to the police in these cities and if they do not pay enough the Police raid the businesses often taking away staff and sexually abusing them at the police station.

      It is also well known the Police support local drug dealers and in some cases run the syndicates and drugs being sold at bars and clubs. If the bar does not allow it the bar is raided and closed.

      The PNP is totally corrupt in the Angeles City, Subic Bay, Burgos Street manila areas and nothing will be done or will it Director General Ronaldo “Bato” de la Rosa.

      Let us see if you really have the power and will act or not. The first step is you need to replace every Police officer in these locations asap. 99.9% have been infected with thinking they will never be caught. Just look at how rich many of the police are in these areas often with fancy homes, cars, watches and gifts,

      • Totally Agreed with you Sean!
        Let’s Pray and Hope for the Best…Prayers for the Good Intentions of The Philippine President Mr. RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE as well as his Staff!!
        God Bless the Philippines!

    10. Talaga naman ang hilig sa mga slogan ni Bato! Puwedeng pastor. Ano ba Bato, gusto mong maging pastor? May pera sa pagiging pastor!

      • Nomer obnamia on

        Pastors that own airplanes, mansions and luxurious lifestyle is not preaching the Gospel of Christ but peddling religion of self-enrichment. They get their rewards now on earth but I doubt Christ will recognize their evil deeds. The job of the PNP chief is serious and may God have mercy on him. I wish BATO the best and be safe.

      • Dennis celis on

        Hoy Bato tops na ang 48 hrs mo. Wala pa run napapatay. But I pa mag resign ka na.