• Surveys used to condition voters’ minds — Marcos camp


    THE camp of Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said that his rivals may be using surveys to condition the minds of the people as the latest poll showed Rep. Leni Robredo tied with the senator in the vice presidential race.

    “Surveys are surveys, they give a glimpse of the public sentiment at a certain period. We want to know, however, what happened in the two days between the two surveys that made a 7-point difference,” Marcos said in statement.

    “This is because we have our internal survey and other independent surveys which show that we have widened our lead to double digit points from the closest rival,” he added.

    In the latest survey of Pulse Asia commissioned by ABS-CBN, Robredo shares the lead with Marcos after getting a 30 percent voter preference rating, four points higher than her rating in the previous ABS-CBN Pulse Asia survey conducted on April 19-24.

    Marcos Jr. got 28 percent, down three points from the previous survey.

    Marcos’ campaign adviser, ABAKADA Party-list Rep. Jonathan dela Cruz, said that surveys are being used to condition the minds of the voters.

    “I will not be surprised to find that the final survey results this close to the election will show Senator Marcos’s statistics slipping as opposed to administration candidate Leni Robredo because after all, it is a grand conspiracy of the administration to change the mindset of the people,” dela Cruz said.

    He suspected that the survey results “may only be the tip of the iceberg” and warned the public to be vigilant against massive disenfranchisement and possible fraud on election day.

    Dela Cruz challenged Robredo to reveal the sources of her campaign fund.

    “Where are they getting the money to support their campaign? They are challenging other candidates to be transparent and project an image of being incorruptible but at the end of the day, they are the ones who are blatantly bending the rules in their favor,” he said.

    “We must reveal our campaign donors and financiers, so the people may know who and how we are getting our money to finance our campaign. Let us not be blinded by hype,” he added.


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    1. For these nuisance surveyors, or what ever, how you get those figures in your surveys, i,e, some formulas only in your minds or you just guest it , or you got it from where?? Surveys from notyard allies, is for MIND SETTINGS to ordinary people who doesnt have any access to technology. Now its totally different.. If you have a government surveys company, we have also an independent survey which is free of charge no fees allowed.. it is voluntarily by the people who is honest for the sake of the Filipino people..

    2. roxas already spend 1.7 billion just political ads and robledo spend over 400 millions

    3. Bong bong was leading in the surveys a few weeks ago and you do not hear any complain in Marcos camp. Latest survey shows Leni has then the lead and Marcos numbers went down for the first time. Now Marcos I saying do not believe on surveys. If Leni is leading, I hate to hear the word statistically tied. Say Leni is leading 2 points. They are not tied. Numbers do not lie ,your words lie.

      • mayroon kasing margin of error kaya possiblity na may mali rin pero minimal lang

    4. fidel S. Pescador on

      ganyan ang sistemang gagawin ng mga dilawan…pero naniniwala ako ang Dios ang mananaig sa Election na di papayagan ang masamang mithiin ng mga mamasamang hangarin para taong bayan..God bless and save Phlippines…

    5. Please be transparent… Release the genuine surveys that really reflects the genuine will of the voting public.. May the people decide on who are the deserving candidates are right to serve the Filipino people.

    6. The Filipinos are tired of CORRUPTON and political enrirchment while holding public office. the People wanted Honest public officials that enriches themselves of government money while holding public office such as the case of Binay Nog-Nog, Erap Estrada & Sons, GMA, Revilla, Enrile, Ferdinand Marcos Sr. and Imelda Marcos.

      • Hundreds billion manipulated secretly by Aquino and Abad thru invented illegally DAP provisions. Ito ay talagang galing sa kaban ng bayan. This is the “Mother of all corruptions in Philippine history”.

      • I hope that you have solid proof on these robberies. I am not a Mar Pnoy fan but to say that they stole the money needs solid tangible proof like the Binay scandal where there are solid proof of stealing. Even the cost of medical equipment were jack up 10 times. There are receipts to prove this allegation that is why Binay refused to attend the senate hearings.