Survival of the unfit



The question is “who is performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration ball and party and who said no?” The bigger question remains: How will the new POTUS perform.
* * *

News: Korean killed in Camp Crame – 2 cops, 5 others face kidnap, murder raps.

If proven true, this is one big blackeye for PNP. Addiction to kill among the powerful is a bigger menace to society than drug addiction.

Kidnapped Korean strangled inside Camp Crame? If this true, one thing is clear – the Korean was not armed and there was no “shootout.” Running out of alibis, it could be defended as a case of “assisted suicide.”

* * *

Cayetano dares Trillanes: Let’s resign together. Trillanes won’t bite. He knows that Cayetano will be DFA chief and that he will never get his dream post of being an Ambassador to China.

Just a week ago, it was Sen. Migz Zubiri vs. Sen. Sonny Trillanes. Now it’s Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano vs.. Sen. Trillanes. Before it was Sen. Tito Sotto who was irked by Trillanes for calling his colleagues Duterte apologists. Last year it was Trillanes vs.. Senators Dick Gordon and Ping Lacson. That guy is definitely going after Sen, Pacquiao’s belts in different weight divisions.

* * *

Palace declares ‘war’ vs. rice smugglers. The better option is to declare war against those in the government
who allow this to happen.

* * *

Deal to build ‘Grand Central Station’ signed

The memorandum of agreement was signed by SM Prime Holdings, Inc., the Universal LRT Corp. unit of San Miguel Corp., Light Rail Manila Corp. and North Triangle Depot Commercial Corp., as well as the Department of Transportation (DOTr), Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Light Rail Transit Authority. Finally DONE after 6 years of “yellow fever.”

* * *

The bags of Danny Buenafe of ABS-CBN and Edwin Espejo of OPAPP were stolen by a group of men at the lobby of Holiday Inn Rome-Eur Parco Dei Medici.
— “When in Rome, careful on what the Romans Do.”

* * *

“Misreporting” is an ugly accusation especially when there were recorded file videos or soundbites to support the news reports. Otherwise the word “misfit” will be attributed to the unqualified official who hurled the accusation.

* * *

The yellows are wasting their time reviving the “yellow cult.” Capitalizing on the sour exchange between the US and DU30, they are actively begging the public to return to the previous color coded “empire” disguised as safe Uncle Sam allies. Instead of strengthening their party into a formidable alternative choice, they pitifully chose to co-mingle with the majority clearly for “staying alive” in choice committee chairmanships or memberships. They thought that their political survival depends largely on remaining in an adaptive and safe-clingy mode. Party motto? To each his own.

Computer tips to solve health problems
Tired and feeling slow? Log off and log on.
Stressed? Hard reset.

Worried? Defrag.

Confused? Minimize widgets.
Sick? Call Dr. Norton.

Feeling idle? Browse.

Remove accumulated waste? Microwave Justin Bieber’s or Jaylo’s albums.
Want to travel? Go To.

Force somebody to look or listen? Tag.

Hate somebody? Block, unfollow or unfriend.

Feel used? Ebay yourself as pre-owned.
Frustrated? Stop looking at the mirror.

Your mother-in-law a nuisance? Eject.
Lazy to shop? Cruise at amazon.

Hungry for knowledge? Ask wiki.
Sex change? Reformat.

Forgot who you are? Deactivate password.

Bored? Wear a snorkel and dive into an aquarium screen saver.
Hate your boss? Play Angry Birds and Warcraft.

Want to live a happy and normal life? Trash your laptop and smartphone.
Want to die early? Keep them.

* * *

Methinks that at some point, too much reading between the lines destroys the essentials of what was written.

* * *

That dinner hosted by the President for the top businessmen in the country is worth every cent. It cleared the air for a better understanding of the economic path that the parties represented will pursue in the next 6 years. I wish this type of meeting will be a regular one. Then it can be a regular business feedback component in future LEDAC meetings. Time to sync.

* * *

The screener of the Office of Transport Security in NAIA Terminal 1 was suspended while he is being investigated for asking money from a couple that led to their missing their flight. The couple, a Filipina and a Jordanian, were allegedly questioned about carrying an ube jam in their hand carry bag. Laglag-Bala disappeared when DU30 threatened the officials that will be caught to eat the bullets if found guilty. We hope that the official involved now will not be forced to eat the ube jam. He might like it and ask for more.

* * *

It starts with greed for money. Then the consciousness of the power that comes with it. And then the obsession to hold on to both forever to control anything they please.

* * *

Antonio Manuel O. Guterres took office as the ninth Secretary General of the 193-member United Nations (UN) on January 1, 2017. President Donald Trump is sworn as 45th president of the United States January 20, 2017. Assumption of both leaders coincides with the Year of the Fire Rooster in the Chinese calendar. As both are “apprentices,” I hope no one gets “fired.”

* * *

Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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  1. ” Survival of the unfit.” Thanks for aptly describing the members of the immediate-past administration from top to bottom, many of them still holding on their undeserved seats up to now.