• Surviving a post-Aquino scenario

    Thelma Dumpit-Murillo

    Thelma Dumpit-Murillo

    What will happen to the country after PNoy’s term?

    This is a concern I heard from one bank executive while thinking aloud. How do you make sure that reforms that have been initiated will continue beyond the term of PNoy?

    The answer of course is to make the reforms not personality–based. This is also one of the staple questions asked in various discussions, according to Trade Secretary Greg Domingo.

    And his staple answer is major reforms have all been institutionalized through laws such that future administrations have no way to go but pursue the reforms introduced.

    Secretary Domingo has just recently returned from a trip that took him to several countries in Europe and Asia on a mission to invite more investors to the Philippines. Of course, he is not in competition with PEZA Director General Lilia de Lima who also was on a road show of the Scandinavian countries, and successful too.

    News about the Philippines moving up 30 notches in the World Bank report on Ease of Doing Business was a welcome treat. Of course, the target has always been to land in the top third from bottom third or no.63 countries out of 189 countries by 2016.

    Major gains have been in the areas of resolving insolvency, getting credit, and getting electricity or three of eleven items MSMEs need to contend with in the conduct of their business.

    Indeed, it would be nice if we are able to land in the top third of countries in the next round but it would be nicer if the jobs our people have been hoping for finally sees the day. Naiinip na po kasi ang mga tao eh!

    Recent calamities have shown the Filipinos’ indomitable spirit and resiliency. Each time, we rise up and pick up the pieces. I am sure the country will survive a post-Aquino scenario. Not that we consider his rule in the same vein as a calamity.

    God is Great!



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    1. mga friend siguro naman medyo dahan dahan naman kayo mag comment, there are reforms instituted but then you or we are not directly affected by it. why don’t you asked yourself first of what you have contributed so far

    2. i am wandering why no comments posted in your article…hmmmm…i think…it is because you have discussed something good about the aquino administration…

      one nice article…bringing out pride of what the government has accomplished and pushing to its complete realization…

    3. No way! Nothing was done by this administration. Somebody who are capable should do better…kapag itong mga kapalpakan ang sinundan ng susunod na gobyerno, patay kang bata ka!
      In the first place, nothing was done at all!

    4. Saturnino R. Mendinueto, Jr. on

      In order to attract more business specially locals, the national government should look into the red tapes in the local levels from securing barangay, municipal and city clearances and permits. The red tapes drive away local investors specially expats who are already accustomed to ” NO RED TAPES” to their adopted countries. Mr. Drillon and Mr. Belmonte , please review the local government code of former Sen. Nene Pimentel.

    5. The person after the King PNoy era will be a very, very, busy one. He will rebuild from scratch after an incompetent, clueless, bribing learership will have gone. The exercise could be the earthquake and Yolanda together.

    6. Unless matured voters elected responsible, honest and man of integrity, during the next Presidential election Philippines will move forward toward attaining, Progress or 1st class country. But electing corrupt, dishonest and self serving interest politician. Surely 100% only the majority of our immature voters be blamed fir their suffering and going back to the Stone Age era. So please elect and select whose fit for the job, not the one who bribe who after election, he will corrupt to get back what he give damn.