Susan hits Grace foes

Susan Roces

Susan Roces

‘How dare you call my daughter a foundling’


Susan Roces–the Queen of Philippine Movies–on Tuesday broke her silence and came to her daughter’s defense and directly and emotionally addressed critics who questioned Sen. Grace Poe’s citizenship.

“Never ko siyang tinawag na adopted. Never ko siyang tinawag na ampon. Lalong never, never ko siyang tinawag na pulot! How dare they use that word! [I never called her adopted. I never called her an orphan. And most especially, I never called her a foundling],” she calmly but firmly rebuked her daughter’s detractors.

The veteran actress made the statement in a news conference that followed after she signed an endorsement contract for a laundry detergent brand. The event was held a day after radio commentator Rizalito David filed a disqualification case against Poe before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) for allegedly misrepresenting her qualifications–particularly her citizenship–when she ran for a Senate seat in 2013.

David earlier filed a petition asking the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) to unseat her on similar ground.

Roces, widow of action king Fernando Poe, Jr. who was allegedly cheated of the presidency in the 2004 elections, said the senator was never exposed to name-calling or labels throughout her upbringing.

“Grace is our daughter!” she declared.

Roces even went as far as saying that when Poe was found in a church in Jaro, Iloilo, her umbilical cord was still intact, proving that she was indeed born in the Philippines.

“Kukuwestiyunin pa nila kung citizen siya ng bansang ito?” she asked rhetorically. “Hindi ko alam kung ano ang pamantayan nila [They’re even questioning her citizenship? I don’t know what their basis is].”

She further questioned why Poe’s detractors have conveniently disregarded the fact that she filed her candidacy for senator indicating the real name of her father as Ronald Allan Poe and mother as Jesusa S. Poe.

“Anong karapatan nila na ipawalang-bisa ‘yung ipinaglaban namin sa korte para magkaroon siya ng tunay na birth certificate [Who gave them the power to nullify what we fought for in court that she be given a real birth certificate]?”

Having kept silent about the citizenship issue against the senator all this time, Roces naturally went all out in defending her daughter as any mother would.

“Kahit hayup nasasaktan kapag minamaliit at hindi ginagawan ng tama ang anak [Even an animal gets angry when somebody hurts its offspring],” she said.

Roces turned more emotional when she shared how fortunate she felt to have Poe as their only child.

“Tinuturing kong mapalad ako. Napakapalad ko dahil biniyayaan kami ng anak ng Panginoong Diyos. Salamat at pinagtagpo ang ating landas dahil na ipinangalangin ko sa Diyos na magkaroon ako ng anak [I consider myself blessed. Blessed because the Lord God gave us a child. I’m thankful that our paths crossed because I asked God to give me a child].”

According to the veteran actress, the heavens in fact answered her prayers with every detail she asked for: A baby with eyes that glowed and a head of curly hair.

She admitted feeling hurt over these issues hurled at Poe.

Proud of Poe’s achievements in the political scene, Roces also took the opportunity to declare that she will support her daughter if indeed she finally decides to run for higher office.

“Her voice was always heard at home. Hindi namin siya diniktahan. Hindi namin siya dineprive. Lumaki siya kung paano natin inaasahan na patakbuhin ang gobyernong ito [We never dictated on her. We did not deprive her. She grew up in a manner that we hope she would employ in running the government],” she said.

Roces also addressed Poe’s supposed “lack of experience” in government as a newbie, and instead pointed out the kind of upbringing she has had since her formative years. She believes that one’s principles rather than experience are what a leader needs to serve the people well.

“Ang unang nagtuturo sa iyo niyan ay ang iyong mga magulang [The first to teach you that are your parents]. How you live your life at home. Your daily practices. Your compassion for the less fortunate who are working for you. So kung bibilangin mo ang experience, hindi mo mabibilang sa ganoon lang [So you cannot count your experience but you can your number of years in government],” she said.


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  1. Piper Encomienda on

    The comments herewith is clearly an illustration that majority of Filipinos have the “Crab Mentality Syndrome”! Kaya hindi umaansenso ang mga Pinoy! Bakit hindi ninyo subukang lumagay muna sa katayuan ng mga Poe’s bago kayo mang bash about the way they reacted with this “foundling” issue. Subukan ninyong kayo ang tawagin na ampon, pulot, at foundling all through your life…tapos alisan ng karapatan upang makapag-silbi sa bayan at mamuhay ng tahimik? Tapos kapag despite ng pang aalipusta at pangmamaliit sa pagkatao ninyo dahil lamang ampon or napulot lang kayo…saka ninyo sabihing Objective kayo at ilabas ang totoo!

    I understood Susan Roces’ reaction…it is not a question whether Sen. Grace Poe will run for the next upcoming elections, it is a question of calling her daughter names. And for those people na makikitid ang utak…it doesn’t matter how you obtained a baby to be loved…what is important is the love and values you have given a baby so that when he/she grows up, he/she will not be a burden of the State!

    • Kaibigan iyan ang batas na nakalagay sa constitution so iakw rin gusto labagin ang constitution. Dapat lumagay sa tama eh paano kung walang batas susundin kahit anong gawin eh puede. Iyan complaint against sa ambisyosa na si Llamarez kaya dapat pakita ang mga papeles eh totoo lahat iyong na balita kaya dapat iyon sagutin. Bakit yan nilagay sa birth certificate sila ang parents d naman lang si Llamarez, yan ay kaso perjury.

    • Piper Encomienda on

      Excuse me ka ernies…ikaw ang walang alam sa konstitutusyon…baka kahit preamble hindi mo kabisado??? Paki basa lang po ng maigi ang comment ko bago ka mag kumento about sa paglabag sa batas…ang linis mo eh noh? baka nga kahit simpleng batas ng trapiko hindi ka nasunod eh I doubt na hindi ka natawid kapag naka green ang stop light…as simple as that ay batas…therefore lumalabag ka din! Don’t be quick to judge people…it may back fire on you!

      Like I said ang reaction ni Miss Susan ay hindi patungkol sa pagtakbo ni Sen. Grace kundi sa pagtawag nang kung anu ano sa kanyang anak! Normal ang ganyang reaksiyon sa isang ina kapag inaalipusta ang kanilang anak! Siguro hindi ka mahal ng nanay mo at never ka niya ipinagtanggol sa kahit anong paraan na makakaya niya kapag may umaapi sa iyo!? hahahahaha!

  2. rizalito david is so desperate. he lost the election as a candidate. now he is a busy body.

    Filipino mentality. they never give up not like here in USA. very typical mentality.

    they have no ability to think because they are ignorant.

    but not all they have some level headed people…

  3. Politics is dirty,there will be legal issues and court cases regarding your residency a lot of problem Sen.Poe just wait 2022 for higher office and you will be a winner with no problem your citizenship is not an issue you are 100% Filipino.Be patient dont listen to other parties they will just use you.

  4. I think the issue is getting exciting. Who knows, a little here and there and voila, we will find out who the true parents of grace are! Simple DNA test that they can afford to take, no doubts, no misses, just the facts. come on, is the family willing to have it? NO probably because they know the truth and the truth is better hidden for good.

  5. Just a simple reminder Mrs. Susan Roces Poe mayroon pang freedom of speech sa Pinas kayay hayaan mo na lang mag-daldal ang detractos yong adopted daughter Mrs Grace Llameres. Hayaan korte na lang ang maghusga.

  6. Susan Sonora’s emotional outburst and rant does not help her case, it only deepens what people are seeing about Grace Llamanzares true status. Let’s put her money where her mouth is and put her to task, as she claim that Grace is truly her child, and since science might not be Susan’s strong points and she only relies on her stage fame as a demi-god the likes of Hera – Filipinos with doubts should ask her and Grace to go the the nearest forensic clinic and have themselves checked for DNA match.

    If the result comes out positive that there indeed is a trace of evidence that they both have some biological relationship, then she might just have opened a can of worms for her and Grace, questions would then be coming out like – Who is the real father of Grace? Why did they try to make it a mystery to abandoned Grace in church and be a foundling? Who is covering up for whom?

    Susan is playing up to emotional Filipinos, using the telenovela angle to parry and divert attention on the real status of Grace’s citizenship and her claim to be a natural born Filipino. This is the 21st century, where all claims can now be tested and proven by science not emotional outburst of one untouchable movie actress.

    • “Anong karapatan nila na ipawalang-bisa ‘yung ipinaglaban namin sa korte para magkaroon siya ng tunay na birth certificate [Who gave them the power to nullify what we fought for in court that she be given a real birth certificate]?”

      I think she is saying she got a judge to rule that her father was Ronald Allan Poe and mother was Jesusa S. Poe.

      Probably should of gotten the judge to rule Immaculate Conception cause everyone would buy that just the same.

      Who was the judge that made that ruling and why ? I wasn’t aware that judges were supposed to just make up stuff to please some rich elite family.

  7. What a drama queen! Susan is angry that Grace Poe is described as “adopted”, an “orphan”, and a “foundling”? But that is who Grace Poe was before Susan and her late husband adopted her! In fact, these words are to be found in the domestic adoption laws of the Philippines. They are not derogatory.

    Susan is also aggrieved that Grace citizenship is being questioned. Why shouldn’t it be? She was stateless at birth. Her true parents were unknown and continue to be. Her adoption did not make her a “natural born” Filipino.

    Grace has stated that she welcomes the challenge to her citizenship and residency, and will defend herself at the proper forum. So why is it that both Mother and daughter appear to be in a panic mode now that someone has actually stepped forward to challenge Grace’ eligibility to sit as a senator and to be a candidate for the presidency? Just prove Grace’ eligibility and the problem will be solved!

    • Pretty sure the plan is to stall and count on any investigation being delayed until forgotten or the election is over.

      Happens all the time in the Philippines, everyone seems to busy to actually do anything except pose for the press and give statements of superhuman efforts they are making.

  8. I pity the family of Grace Poe for they don’t know how to defend her. They are not even aware of the real issue against her. Ms. Susan Roces, it is not whether Grace is Filipino or not that is the issue. It is whether her being Filipino is of Natural Born status or not. Is she a NATURAL BORN FILIPINO? Iyan ang sagutin ninyo.

  9. How dare you Susan the actress making us to accept your adopted Grace be the president of the Republic of the Philippines without question asked.
    If the court proved that your adopted daughter is lying under oath, then, totoo ang lahat ng sinabi mo noon na ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw, at lalabas na nagsinungaling si Grace not only once but twice!!! as chairman and as senator?

  10. jesus nazario on

    “Ang Sinungaling Ay Kapatid ng Magnanakaw” Season 2 Episode 1 has began filming. Watch for it. The primary characters are already signed up and in fact have began promoting the TV drama ? action ? comedy?, slapstick? or horror ? We can still very well remember who uttered those famous words only just yesterday in the political time-scale.

    • defamation? it has nothing to do with one’s character, it had to do with the qualifications based on legality. nobody defamized poe at all.

  11. Madam Susan, mas mabuti siguro kung sabihin mo ang totoo. Who is the real biologidal father and mother of Madam Grace.?

    Minsan sinabi mo na ang sinungaling ay parehas din ng magnanakaw. Kay do not lie at this time Mam Susan, just tell nothing but the truth.”Tell the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

    I believe this is about truth and not opinion. It is not offense and defense. It is not reason but confession.

  12. Sus, why does Susan Roces flare-up on what is true? Is she denying that Grace P. Llamanares is adopted, that she is a foundling, that no one knows who her parents are? That she was alleged to be found in front of a Church in Iloilo? Will Atty. Makalintal please inform and explain to Susan that she does not need to have a heart attack because of anger because Grace P. Llamanares is not her biological daughter. Period.

    • kaya kawawa lagi ang pinas, konting drama nabobola tayo. abs-cbn mentality talaga ang mga pinoy.

  13. Jose A. Oliveros on

    Ms. Jesusa Sonora-Poe, a.k.a. Susan Roces should be reminded that her adopted daughter – Mary Grace Poe-Llamanzares – was the one who has been proclaiming herself to be a “foundling.” Just visit the Senate website and read her bio-data there. As for her citizenship, I have been repeatedly asking under what category of Filipino citizen under Art. IV of the 1935 Constitution does she fall to be classified as a natural-born Filipino citizen but neither she nor her battery of supposedly noted lawyers have come out with an answer.

  14. Guillermo Hernandez on

    Susan…….stay away from politics !
    Your are just showing your ignorance….just keep on endorsing products and do nothing

  15. Ms. Susan Roces should not put the issue to argumentum ad hominem or appeal to emotion. The facts are important here and it involves legalities.

  16. mikhail hieronymus on

    Susan, keep your big mouth close. You are making a spectacle of your self. There laws in our country, not your law at home. You want the people to take your words as the Gospel truth. Your words against our laws. Get lost, Susan.

  17. Dominador D. Canastra on

    If she is a natural born Filipino citizen, where and when was she born?

    Or, does Mrs. Jesusa Poe saying that all adopted children are natural born citizens on the day they are adopted by Filip;ino parents?

    What we are taling about are legal and constitutional issues–not sentimentalisms as in movies..

  18. Yes Mdm. Susan Roces, you have all the right to get back at those accusers of Grace and calling her names. I do believe that you and FPJ gave her the best upbringing, no doubt about it. However, lets be realistic, presidency of the country requires honesty, integrity, leadership, intelectual capacity, vision and most of all EXPERIENCE. The country’s problems are myriad. Grace can’t simply rely on instinct and her advisers confronting various issues, national and international facing the country. For example, what approach will a president do to combat corruption, crime, economic slowdown, population growth, unemployment, rebel separatist problems, external threat to nations and assets and security like the bullying of China and terrorism. These can only be handled by someone who has the experience in governance, public finance and administration, politics, economy, internal security and national defense. Akin to any top job in any sector of the economy, the job of a CEO is not given to fresh graduate nor a newly graduate surgeon doing a major heart transplant, or a fresh civil engineering graduate doing a complex structural design for 80 storey building or complex bridges and dams , nor a fresh graduate engineer tasked to be the chief design engineer of Boeing plane to name a few. Lets be realistic folks….Grace is best suited to be a VP at this time or better still stay put in the senate to finish her term she was elected for. Grace is best adviced not to let her heart rule over her head and listen to “bulong” by Chiz and opportunistic cabals….it will blow in your face my dear. This is not pouring cold water on you Grace…but give us a break…enough of bravado !!!! Be real, temper your overweening desire to serve the Filipinos this 2016….you are a nice lady….your day will come. Should you be stubborn and run for president and lose this 2016….your political demise is guaranteed…learn from the fate of Loren Legarda.

  19. Ms. Susan Roces-Poe…welcome to politics 101. It’s not for thin-skinned people. Advise your “daughter” to come up with all the proof to prove that the allegations are baseless. Until then, expect more and just sùck it up. End of story.

  20. How dare they use that word! [I never called her adopted. I never called her an orphan. And most especially, I never called her a foundling],” she calmly but firmly rebuked her daughter’s detractors.

    Doesn’t matter what you called her or didn’t call her, the fact is she was born to unknown parents. If i understand this article the Poe’s went to court and got a birth certificate with parents listed who were not her real parents ? That supposed to mean something ?

  21. Felimon A. Soria on

    I think Mrs Susan Roces Poe is talking without knowing the meaning of foundling. Merriam Webster dictionary meaning: A baby that is found after being left by its parents.

  22. Ms Susan Roces is diverting the real issue on her adopted daughter Grace. Please tell us kung makabayan ba ang ginawa ni Grace ng manunpa siya na maging Amerkano ganuon si FPJ at siya ay kapwa Pilipino? Bakit tinalikuran ni Grace ang lupang sinilangan? Bakit nuon tumakbo si FPJ pagka pangulo di siya nagbalik upang maging Pilipino uli para naiboto niya Tatay niya?