• Susan’s tears versus legal issues


    WE’VE always felt Congreve’s or Shakespeare’s “Hell hath no fury like the wrath of a woman scorned” is a bit too hyperbolic and too disrespectful of womanhood to be given any importance. But we thought of it when we read yesterday’s banner story ["Susan hits Grace foes”] by our colleague Tessa Mauricio-Arriola and saw the accompanying headshot of an angry Susan Roces.

    We feel deeply for Mrs. Jesusa Soñora Poe, whose maternal heart must have been pierced with pain each time she heard or read accusations against her daughter. It was clear to us that the pain she feels is more excruciating whenever she hears any one calling Senator Poe an adopted daughter and a foundling. Parents of adopted children try their mightiest best to spare the children any pain, shame or stigma for not being natural or biological offsprings. And her words about this are heart-wringing: “How dare you call my daughter a foundling!”

    “Never ko siyang tinawag na adopted. Never ko siyang tinawag na ampon. Lalong never, never ko siyang tinawag na pulot! How dare they use that word! [I[I never called her adopted. I never called her an adopted baby. And most especially, I never called her a foundling.]race is our daughter!”

    The beloved Susan Roces said these things at a news conference held after she signed an endorsement contract for a laundry detergent brand. The event was held a day after Veritas radioman Rizalito David filed a disqualification case against Poe before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) for allegedly misrepresenting her qualifications–particularly her citizenship–when she ran for a Senate seat in 2013.

    David earlier filed a petition asking the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) to unseat her on similar ground.

    Roces is the widow of the late action movie king Fernando Poe, Jr. who, many believe, was cheated of the presidency in the 2004 elections.

    Grace freely decided to become a politician
    Most observers, however, think Senator Grace Poe brought on these unfortunate and unpleasant labels of her in the mass media (including The Times) because she freely decided to become a politician and is apparently seeking the presidency.

    Her being in active politics has made people–not just her fellow politicians who don’t like her but also serious defenders of the rule of law and the Philippine Constitution–ask about the status of her citizenship, why she signed under oath the false declaration that she is the natural born child of Fernando Poe and Susan Roces, and when she actually lost her US citizenship and how she reacquired her questioned status as a “natural born” Filipino citizen.

    From Mrs. Fernando Poe’s words it appears that she and her husband had to fight for Grace Poe to have a “true birth certificate.” She said at the press conference that when the baby was found in a church in Jaro, Iloilo, her umbilical cord was still intact, proving that she was indeed born in the Philippines. But then she also said, “Anong karapatan nila na ipawalang-bisa ‘yung ipinaglaban namin sa korte para magkaroon siya ng tunay na birth certificate [W[Who gave them the power to nullify what we fought for in court that she be given a real birth certificate]

    Does that court-approved birth certificate falsely say that Grace Poe’s natural parents were Fernando Kelly Poe and Jesusa Sonora Poe?

    Typical comments from readers
    Here UNEDITED are some of the typical and less hurting comments we have received from readers about Susan Roces’ angry outburst.

    (Reader Baba). “How dare you Susan the actress making us to accept your adopted Grace be the president of the Republic of the Philippines without question asked. If the court proved that your adopted daughter is lying under oath, then, totoo ang lahat ng sinabi mo noon na ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw, at lalabas na nagsinungaling si Grace not only once but twice!!! as chairman and as senator?”

    (Reader Ronto Caniada). “Ms. Susan Roces, take’em to court. File for Defamation.”

    (Reader Zak Pasiking).”Madam Susan, mas mabuti siguro kung sabihin mo ang totoo. Who is the real biologidal father and mother of Madam Grace.?”

    (Reader Jose A. Oliveros). “Ms. Jesusa Sonora-Poe, a.k.a. Susan Roces should be reminded that her adopted daughter – Mary Grace Poe-Llamanzares – was the one who has been proclaiming herself to be a ‘foundling.’ Just visit the Senate website and read her bio-data there. As for her citizenship, I have been repeatedly asking under what category of Filipino citizen under Art. IV of the 1935 Constitution does she fall to be classified as a natural-born Filipino citizen but neither she nor her battery of supposedly noted lawyers have come out with an answer.”

    (Reader Oraman), “Answer the issues Mrs POE !”

    (Reader Dominador D. Canastra). “If she is a natural born Filipino citizen, where and when was she born? Or, does Mrs. Jesusa Poe say that all adopted children are natural born citizens on the day they are adopted by Filipino parents? What we are talking about are legal and constitutional issues–not sentimentalisms as in movies.”

    (Reader Ivana). “Ms. Susan Roces-Poe…welcome to politics 101. It’s not for thin-skinned people. Advise your ‘daughter’ to come up with all the proof to prove that the allegations are baseless. Until then, expect more and just sùck it up. End of story.”


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    1. And don’t forget the other immportant message from Susan Roces —> CHAMPION, siksik sa power-packed linis!

    2. I doubt all stories regarding Grace Poe Llamanares, as it do not give good explanations, Grace Poe Llamanares pursuant to be president remain a big question mark!!!
      I am against Grace Poe Llamanares to be the president of my country. Mga Pilipino gumising kayo! High time to stay firm with our conviction. Do not allow Grace Poe Llamanares play our minds.

    3. rainier noruego on

      She (Susan Roces) said at the press conference that when the baby was found in a church in Jaro, Iloilo, her umbilical cord was still intact, proving that she was indeed born in the Philippines.

      Grace Poe: “Palagi akong nangangati, kumakamot, pero alam niyo imbes na pandirihan ako, kinupkop nila ako at inalagaan. At ganun din sila sa marami nating kababayan.”

      Sino ngayon sa dalawang babae ang SINUNGALING at dramatista lamang?

    4. The certificate of live birth should be presented so that the lie this family has been living will come out!
      From the start, someone was a fruit of a poisoned tree?

    5. Why is Susan so angry?
      Unless, she does not want to uncover the truth and has become defensive!

      It is a very legitimate inquiry to Grace Poe Luminzares. A verification of her qualification, which should have been done by the Comelec prior to her election as a senator but was overlooked!
      Now , there is time to correct the issue before she decides to run for higher office.

      Whatever proof or finding maybe, it is for the Best of all parties involved . The most to benefit is Grace herself from the truth.

      Again , it can also be a ploy for political mileage.
      Let’s just wait calmly and not make a fuzz about it .
      I am glad and respect this very issue raised by Mr. David.

      • steve villaluz on

        how could the brillantes comelec do any verification when he was FPJ’s lawyer…could also be the reason she became no.1 senator last 2013 elections.?

    6. Such bleeding hearts we have, to console a battered mother, whose adopted daughter is put on the spot light of politics, through their own doing. And, try as this article might, to ease the pangs of pain, of a woman scorned. It has not presented anything of value, to quell the issue of citizenship and being a natural born Filipino.

      But, let us not dwell more on the triviality of words spoken by a mother, like that of angels from above – of unmeasurable love. For the fate of the country towards progress hungs precariously on a balance.

      To chose these martry’s words of undying motherly devotion over and above what is constitutionally and legally right, is to commit the most hideous of all acts, and that is to place their personal interest of family disgrace hidden from public scrutiny, over and above the national interest of the state.

      It is about time Filipinos, put a stop to being led by emotions, and to open up their minds to be able to discern thoughts of what is wrong with the picture being presented to them – because if Filipinos remain to be led to believe and are prone to believe that there is a lesser evil to chose from, then what can Filipinos expect from this choice except to remain rooted down in hell.

    7. Ms Susan Roces, you are so pathetic. It’s so obvious na hindi mo alam kung ano ang pinasok na gusot ng ampon mo ng pumasok siya sa pulitika. Kung ayaw mo ng mga nangyayari, adivise Grace not to get deeper into politics. Ang hirap sa iyo akala mo sapat na ang kasikatan at mabuting layunin para maging presidente. Kailangan din nito ang kakayahan at legalities. Wag sana ninyong patuloy na paglaruan ang Pilipinas na dinadaan daan ninyo sa drama at iyak, Maawa naman kayo sa mga Pilipino. Hindi lang entertainment ang kailangan ng Filipino. Good public service ang kailangan, yung may angkop na karanasan at talino, may puso para sa mamamayan at may kakayahang magdeliver at hindi puros drama sa kamera at wishful thinking lang ang kayang gawin.

    8. from the words of ms. jesusa sonora poe (aka susan roces poe), that they fought in court to get a true birth certificate for ms poe llamanzares only means that they did a simulated birth which is against the law. it would be better if she told that they applied for adoption which is legal. now all the worms in the can are spilling!

      • ang isda ay sa bibig nabibingwit. vow.
        kawawang susan roces, mukhang walang ibinigay na advise ang isang keso de bolero sa mga binitawang salita nya sa presscon. hindi makukuha sa pang famas na acting ang katotohanan. at kung tama ang pagkakaintindi ko na sa korte nila pinaglaban ang birth certificate ni poe-ppet ay ano kaya ang sinabi ng korte. ang solusyon lang aling susan ay ilabas nyo ng anak mo (ayan hindi ampon ang sinabi ko ha) ang mga dokumento at ng mabusisi at makita kung may mga palusot na ginawa. pag may palusot mas lalong mababaon ang anak mo at pati na ikaw sa pang loloko. hindi ba sabi mo nuon ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw?

    9. Jose A. Oliveros on

      The exact quote is: “Heav’n knows no rage like love to hatred turn’d. Nor Hell a fury than that of a woman scorn’d”. It is from one of the writings of Samuel Congreve, the same gentleman who wrote “Music has charms that soothes a savage’s breast.”
      Going back to the “rage” of Jesusa Sonora, a.k. a. Susan Roces, she claims that when her adopted daughter Sen. Mary Grace Poe-Llamanzares was found, her umbilical cord was still attached to her body. How did she know that when Susan’s adopted daughter was found by a certain Chayong or Sayong Militar who entrusted the infant Mary Grace to one Tessie Valencia, a wealthy childless lady from Bacolod. It was only much later when Valencia was about to emigrate to the US that she reluctantly entrusted Mary Grace to the FPJ spouses? Her claim is, therefore, pure hearsay.
      Mary Grace Poe-Llamanzares was allegedly adopted by the FPJ couple. What year was she adopted and what court issued the adoption decree? While court documents on adoption proceedings are confidential to protect the adoptee, but adopted mother and adopted daughter cannot now invoke confidentiality because they have been trumpeting about the supposed adoption.

      • As per record, Grace Poe was born Sept 3, 1968, FPJ and Susan got married Dec 25, 1968.

        When was Grace became adopted daugther of the couple? Susan said Grace pusod was still attached when she was found, was Susan there when Grace was found? Even if the coupled hadn’t been married yet, did they legally adopt the child?

        Anyway, the big question is really when did she acquire back her Phil citizenship? To finish all these, Sen Grace should just show document that the US Govt accepted her renouncement of her US citizenship, and also Sen Poer should also answer questions if her hubby and kids are still US citizens

    10. If Mrs Susan Roces Poe, really loves Madam Grace, she should tell the truth. Straight from her heart that Madam Grace was her adopted daughter. She should also tell her biological parents. Do not be selfish Madam Susan.

      A neighbor of mine, has an adopted daughter too, but they didn’t keep secret to her including her biological parents . They sent her in school and became a successful Nurse. During her thanksgiving service,this adopted daughter was so very thankful, and told to her adopted parents that they are angels sent by God to gave her a good education and they are the most loving parents on earth for not keeping secret her biological parents.

      And also her biological parents gave thankful praises to the parents who adopted their daughter. And on that occasion , they prayed together.

      Again, if Ms. Susan Roces Poe, is a real loving mother and loves so dearly her adopted daughter, she should tell the truth her biological parents , because it is more blessed to tell the truth than to keep it secret.

    11. mikhail hieronymus on

      Jesusa Poe (Susan Roses) (kono) want us all to take her words as Gospel truth. She still think she is high and mighty looking down on us all. The nerve of that woman telling us: “How dare you call my daughter a foundling!”

      So what shall we call Grace? Anak sa buho! The truth of the matter is that luckily, she was found in time by somebody, according to the story. Napulot lang siya. Then they probably bribed somebody to make a false birth certificate, making them her natural parents. That is simply FALSIFICATION OF PUBLIC DOCUMENT. She is a liar too, just like Grace. And you know what she said about people lying.

    12. If I remember it right, Susan Roces-Poe said
      “ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw”

      Kung alam niya ang tunay na magulang ni Grace,
      why not come up with the truth. In the bible it says;

      Alam niya ang tunay na magulang ni Grace –
      NO DOUBT ABOUT IT – Sis nga ang tawag
      ng kapatid niya sa senado. At yung picture
      ninyo na lumabas sa diyaryo ay magkahawig
      kayo o magkamukha – This picture alone
      is a good proof of Grace “DNA” – to me

      This is a legal and constitutional issue.

      Like when she said to Gloria.
      “You did not only steal once but twice” – SCRIPTED

      “Ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw” – SCRIPTED.

      ARE WITH IN THE MOVIES – box office hit?

      • We can ask CBCP what citizenship was the Jaro Parish Priest at the time Grace was at the church door. Why the priest didn’t lift a finger and never been mentioned in any article..