• Suspected NPA mass grave found in Abra


    Troopers from the Army’s 41st Infantry Battalion, local police and officials unearthed a suspected New People’s Army (NPA) mass grave in Sitio Sucao, Barangay Dominglay, Licuan-Baay town, Abra on Friday afternoon.

    1st Lt. Rowena Abayon, 5th Infantry Division spokesperson, said the mass grave was discovered at around 4:30 p.m. between Barangays Mugao and Dominglay and believed to contain the remains of the missing Freddie Giliw, 30; Rogelio Giliw, 68; and Eddie Giliw, 35, all residents of the locality.

    Abayon said the victims were last seen alive with 15 NPA fighters last March 1.

    She added that Freddie Giliw was a former NPA rebel who surrendered last March 23, 2011. The other two missing persons were his father and brother.

    Lt. Col. Danilo Domingo, 41st Infantry Battalion commander, said that they are currently tracing the whereabouts of the victims’ family so that the remains could be given a decent burial. PNA


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    1. About the area: its between the two Municipals; Licuan-Baay, Abra & Lacub, Abra/ which is the exactly name of that place is Inuman……not between of the two Brgys. Mugao, & Dominglay

    2. It was the Local Civilians who found the bodies, not 41st infantry battalion! The family members let know the Brgy. Officials & Our Kafamilyas that they didn’t come home, and found a lots of COMBAT PRINTED on the ground……so Local Civilians, Brgy Officials, & of course Our Kafamilyas, all of them went to search for the three missing people. So the groups start from the farm house (or we call it Pakarso)as i have said from the very beginning they found & witness a lots of COMBAT PRINTED on the ground and followed the combat print all the way where they found the grave(where the criminal buried the 3 people)Freddie Giliw, 30; Rogelio Giliw, 68; and Eddie Giliw, 35. So the Local Civilians contact the Authorities(Police of Licuan-Baay, Abra & Lacub, Abra) Then the Authority inform the News /Media.

    3. Rosauro Feliciano on

      So the entire nation will be following with great interest about what the human right advocate says regarding this activity of the NPA.