• Susselbeck leaves, promises to return


    Marc Susselbeck, the fiancé of Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude, left Manila on Saturday but he pleaded to be allowed back next year.

    Susselbeck, who was included in the Bureau of Immigration’s (BI) black list, will not be allowed to enter the country for five years unless the bureau strikes his name off the list.

    The German had filed a motion for voluntary deportation in connection with the case filed against him at the BI.

    But before flying out, he apologized for scaling the fence at the Armed Force of the Philippines to get to the area where Joseph Scott Pemberton, the suspect in the killing of Laude, is being detained.

    “If what I did in this country is wrong, I just wanted to say I am sorry.

    I wasn’t aware of political issues and I apologize and should not take part on it,” Susselbeck said in a press briefing prior to his departure.

    “I really learned my lesson but please I beg you, don’t bar me from returning to your country. Don’t take me away from Jennifer and don’t take me away from the trial,” he added.

    Susselbeck became emotional when he told journalists that he will not be able to celebrate Jennifer’s 27th birthday on November 4 in Olongapo City.

    “Now I can no longer come back. I will miss Jennifer,” he said.

    Despite being in the BI’s blacklist, Susselbeck said he planned to come back to support the Laude family in its legal battle to get justice for Jeffrey’s death. He said he plans to return to the Philippines on March 13 next year, the supposed date that he and Jennifer would have exchanged vows.


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