• Sustaining the fight against breast cancer

    Leah Salonga for ‘Pink Positive’

    Leah Salonga for ‘Pink Positive’

    I CanServe bids Filipinos to join ‘Pink Positive’
    Every October, the world over is reminded about its battle against breast cancer. Buildings, shops and houses are trimmed with pink ribbons, flags and banners. People march the streets also donning ribbons or pink shirts. Since it was first used in the 90s, the color became the world’s shining beacon of hope that the fight has not been forgotten.

    This year, I CanServe, an advocacy group of Filipino breast cancer survivors who promote early breast cancer detection, calls on corporate Philippines to lend their support in the fight against breast cancer. Through its Pink Positive Campaign, the group aims to bring early breast cancer detection programs to underserved communities nationwide.

    “We believe that pink is not just a color. It symbolizes hope and support—a second chance for women who are fighting off breast cancer. Through Pink Positive, we can work together to conquer the disease,” said Elizabeth Virata, chairman of the Board of Trustees of I CanServe Foundation.

    I CanServe inspires hope and helps women with breast cancer, and by championing the importance of early detection through its various high-impact, multi-platform information campaigns, the group encourages women to fight ignorance and fear.

    “The earlier breast cancer is detected, the higher the chances for survival, and the lower the cancer treatment protocol costs,” added Virata.

    Through a grant from the American Cancer Society in 2007, the group set up its flagship project called Ating Dibdibin—the first and only comprehensive barangay-based breast cancer screening program in the country. The program teaches barangay health workers early breast cancer detection techniques, while partnering with LGUs who commit to institutionalize and provide free or affordable diagnostics and cancer treatment.

    Tang Singson, president of I CanServe, explained, “Ating Dibdibin tells women to take your breast care to heart, because we want them to realize that early detection can save lives. This is especially important for women in indigent communities, who have no access to high-tech equipment. Through Ating Dibdibin, we enlist the support of local governments to reach the women in their locales.”


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