• Swap – arm candies with a mission


    The timepiece also goes beyond fashion with its “Be the Change” advocacy line to help alleviate the plight of out of school youths, those without little to eat, and women who may be afflicted with breast cancer around the country

    Homegrown brand Tomato has just brought in a new timepiece that is both fashionable and meaningful.

    As an arm candy, Swap is clever as it is stylish. As its name suggests, the wearer can “swap” any watch face with an array of different straps to suit his or her mood and style for the day. A single watch face can easily match any look with a quick change of the strap.

    All Swap watches have stainless steel case backs. They are also water resistant, has a hypoallergenic silicone strap and come with a one-year warranty on its Japan made mechanism.

    Initially, Swap’s silicone straps are available in 30 different colors and 22 exciting watch face designs. This number will grow every month as inspired by various themes and interests such as sports, movies, characters, superheroes, places and fashion patterns.

    The timepiece also goes beyond fashion with its “Be the Change” advocacy line of watches that seeks “to change the world, one watch at a time.”

    Since its launching, Swap has partnered with three advocacies to promote personal awareness and social responsibility on the needs of the poor and disadvantaged Filipinos.

    “Swap: Be the Change for Education” is an advocacy in cooperation with World Vision to help provide education to deserving children who cannot afford to go to school. For every three watches of the blue color strap, one child is sent to school for a month.

    “Swap: Be the Change for Hunger” is an advocacy in cooperation with Operation Blessing to help feed those who cannot afford to buy even the basic food necessity. For every one orange color strap, 15 meals are provided to those in need of food.

    “Swap: Be the Change for Breast Cancer” is an advocacy in cooperation with The Cancer Treatment and Support Foundation, Inc., to help promote breast cancer awareness and provide financial assistance for treatments of breast cancer. For every 10 pink color straps sold, one free mammogram is given to a woman who cannot afford the procedure.

    Swap is available in selected Tomato Stores, at Swap exhibits located at various malls, and online via www.tomato.ph.


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