Swedish invasion hits ph via music streaming service

Sunita Sair, Spotify’s Director for Asia, explains the significance of the service to serve the artists and fight music piracy in the Asia Pacific Region. If it worked in Sweden, it will work in the Philippines too.

Sunita Kair, Spotify’s Director for Asia, explains the significance of the service to serve the artists and fight music piracy in the Asia Pacific Region. If it worked in Sweden, it will work in the Philippines too.

The smooth crisp voice of Lorde is simply mesmerizing, sans the lengthy ads that I have to wait for five seconds to cancel.

Spottify, a Swedish company, launched its music streaming service in the Philippines last week bringing hope to the music industry to fight piracy. Spotify bills itself as the world’s biggest music streaming site. It can be accessed by visiting https://www.spotify.com/ph/ or downloading the app via Google Play, iTunes or Windows Store depending on the operating system of the mobile handset. Music can be browsed by artist, album, genre, playlist, or record label, as well as by direct searches. Subscribers can also folllow their friends and favorite artists. Listeners can log in via keying in their email and password or by using Facebook.

Cooler than cool
Spotify originated in Sweden in 2006 and was launched globally in 2008. It returned almost $1 billion to the rights holders which can be one of the most effective ways to stop the bootleg trade. Its aim is to help the music industry by providing digital rights management-restricted content from record labels. With over 30,000,000 songs in its data bank, listeners have the option to enjoy online or avail themselves of the premium service. Through this, we are returning back what is due to the artists.

The premium service in the Philippines goes for P128, which makes it much cheaper than the $5 monthly fee charged in other countries.

By April 13, Globe subscribers will be able to register to the service under GoSURF 10 for 10MB of data plus 24 hours of ad-sponsored Spotify access. GoSURF 299 gives 700MB of data and 30 days of membership to Spotify Premium, while GoSURF 999 ups the data allowance to 5GB. Globe said that using Spotify won’t eat up the data allowance of GoSURF users.

When paying for the services, Globe automatically deducts from the prepaid load.

Also, in case I want to see what friends are up to? I can follow them via Facebook and twitter.

What’s on Spotify?
Playlist is a feature wherein subscribers can create and share their choices with their friends. By simply saving the album or songs on the list, it automatically saved my preferred classic rock and heavy metal music. And when i’m online, it automatically plays the track where I left off.

What makes it good is that I can also have my own radio playing the tracks I prefer available to Spotify Free and Premium accounts. I can create random playlists based on specified genres and decades. It also has an Artist Radio feature that creates a random playlist of songs by artists of my choice. It provides background information ranging from history to a list of the artist’s most famous singles.

In my research in some countries where artists availed of Spotify as a platform of selling their music, complaints such as the service had not been delivering desired promotion and they decided to pull out. The company claims to have returned $1 billion to rights holders since the launch. Isn’t this a better option than to have their songs peddled on the streets or downloaded free with poor quality?

Welcome to the Philippines. With over six million paying subscribers worldwide and 1.5 billion playlists, well, this service is worth a try and it could uplift the morale of our artists and the music industry. generating more revenue, more creative efforts and more fun. Doesn’t everyone deserve a two way enticement?

One limitation won’t make millions of Filipino cell phone owners happy. Spotify premium is only available to Globe prepaid and postpaid subscribers. So sorry, Smart loyalists.


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