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    Raffy Ledesma

    The Golden State Warriors are once again on the brink of history. After posting the best regular season record (73-9) in NBA history last season, the Warriors have a chance to become the first team in history to sweep the entire NBA playoffs. After their soul-crushing Game 3 win, where the Cavs controlled most of the game only to fall in the dying minutes, the Warriors are now 15-0 in the playoffs and look unbeatable.

    With the Game 3 win, the Warriors all but ended the NBA Finals since no team in history has ever recovered from a 0-3 deficit. Sure, one might say that the Cavs made history last year when they came back from a 1-3 deficit to bag the title. But last year and this year’s Finals are worlds apart. For starters, Golden State has a healthy Steph Curry and of course, the 2014 MVP Kevin Durant. Durant is playing like a man on a mission and he has been leading this team since the start of the series.

    It is wishful thinking to say that the Cavs can still comeback from such a deficit, even with the superhuman efforts of LeBron James. In Game 3, LeBron had another monster game with 39 points, 11 rebounds, and 9 assists while his partner in crime, Kyrie Irving, exploded for 38 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists. Simply put, the Cavaliers gave it their best shot and still failed as the Warriors still won with their flawless execution in the final 3 minutes.

    Make no mistake, the Warriors are a juggernaut and the Larry O’Brien trophy has been theirs since the start of the season. I’m sure that this has left most teams frustrated, the Cavaliers the most. After all, the Cavs are a super team with three All-Star caliber players and the best player on the planet but glaringly, this is not enough to contend versus the Warriors super team that has 4 All-Stars and a champion coach.

    As long as the Warriors team stay intact, all NBA teams will be hard-pressed to win the title. Currently, the Cavs can easily emerge from the Eastern Conference but they will have to face the Warriors each time. There is no way the Cavs can improve on their current roster. Even if they can (and they can’t at the moment given the salary cap) say add another superstar like Paul George, I don’t see how they can still beat the Warriors. The Warriors can also get their pick of veteran, ring-chasing players which means that they will always have a good bench to back their core players.

    You have to be scared to think that the Warriors have still not reached their full potential. Durant, Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green are all in their prime and they can still get better.

    Honestly, this is a pretty boring NBA Finals and I’m hoping that the Warriors finally sweep so they can end our misery of watching a one-sided series. Another upside to a Warriors sweep is that it’s history in the making, a 16-0 playoff feat that no one has ever done. At least that’s another narrative we can chew on until they do it again next year.



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