Sweet and fiery Thea, in focus


The sweet Laguna lass who won GMA Network’s second season of Protégé now has a career that is getting hotter by the day. One may even take this literally come Monday, August 26 when Thea Tolentino stars in her first solo Afternoon Prime series, Pyra Babaeng Apoy.

The new drama was launched on Thurs-day night at the network’s head office for a peek into the fiery storyline. Inspired by news reports on “pyrokinesis”—the ability of a person to project fire from their mind, such as that of an 11-year-old boy in Sorsogon who drew hundreds of curious folks to his hometown in July 2012—Thea plays Pyra, a born pyrokinetic who has the ability to create fire when she experiences extreme anger.

Because of this, she learns how to control her emotions, developing a sunny disposition and positive outlook in life. Although she grew up not knowing her real parents, she is raised by a very loving and protective mother. Nevertheless, because of her uncommon and sometimes dangerous power, she begins a search to find her true parents to help her.

Completing the cast of Pyra Babaeng Apoy is Thea’s co-winner in Protégé, Jeric Gonzales as her leading man, Angelu de Leon, Gladys Reyes, Roxanne Guinoo, Ryan Eigenmann, Christopher Roxas, Polo Ravales, Elle Ramirez, Zandra Summer and Janno Gibbs.

Under the direction of Roderick Linda-yag—the man behind the network’s top-rating series Alakdana, Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin, Hiram na Puso and Kakam-bal in Eliana among others—Pyra Baba-eng Apoy shows how far a mother will protect her child from the world, especially when she knows her child can cause harm to others.


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