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    It’s no secret that life is so much better with food around. Whatever you are feeling whether you’re in the mood for a celebration or just want to lay low from life’s challenges, food is truly the answer to anything. This is the reason why people who work in the food industry has always fascinated me.

    For me, everyone has a story to share about the work they do and Peachy Cebrero is one of them. Peachy, the owner of Peach and Co. Test Kitchen, shared with me the intricacies of food making and why it’s more than just spending hours in the kitchen.

    Passionate about food since her childhood, Peachy grew up in the rustic kitchen of her grandmother in Lipa City and this is where her passion developed further, “Being exposed to the kitchen at an early age has created a special bond between me and food. I definitely learned from the experts—my mom and my lola!”

    She went on to say that even as a child, she would read cookbooks but still relied on her mother’s guidance to create her own recipes that she would eventually sell to her relatives so she can earn even at an early age.

    This entrepreneurial spirit carried on after she graduated from Culinary School in 2007 where held two franchises: one was a family-owned pizza company and one was a family-owned famous bakeshop.

    She also ventured into teaching as a part-time culinary instructor for several schools and one-on-one teaching services providing lessons for those who would learn how to cook but couldn’t afford Culinary school.

    From there she got hired in corporate culinary as the Food Service Chef for San Miguel Foods where she specialized in developing menu and recipes for different food establishments, spearheading events, cooking demo, food styling, research & development, and sensory evaluation.

    Soon she became the Corporate Chef of Del Monte Philippines Inc. running another test kitchen for the premiered company. This gave her the inspiration to start her own journey with Peach & Co. Test Kitchen.

    Peachy explains her passion project, “It’s a consultancy company where I accept various services. I develop menus and recipes to different restaurant owners and food brands. I also cater and offer specialty dishes. I also provide training and food styling activities.”

    To further explain what a test kitchen is, she goes on to explain, “A test kitchen is a set up for major food and beverage companies. It offers a wide array of services including menu development, sensory evaluation and production evaluation, cooking demos, recipe standardization, food styling, and catering to valued clients.”

    She goes on to say that she sees herself as a physician in the food industry, “Just like a patient, I would listen more to my client and give them exactly what they want and need with my recommendations. I am not the type who would sell products, which I will be the only to be benefit from. My main objective is to bring a solution to a small time business owner or to a big account who would like to hire a third party to do a test kitchen service for them. My service is more personal, affordable, and convenient for the client.”

    Peachy then goes on to say that with hard work and determination, anything can truly happen.

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