Sweet, sexy actress engaged but still ‘targets’ rich young men


    This sweet and sexy actress (SSA) is known among the circle of rich young men (RYM) as an “easy lay.” In fact, SSA is a common figure in clubs frequented by these RYM, looking for a target among them. Her well-choreographed act begins with befriending the chosen target, and over glasses of wine, she will pour out woes, like being cash-strapped and unable to pay for rent and bills, until the rich young man takes pity on her and gives her money.

    There are times when SSA and her target become so “close” that they end up going to her condo or his bachelor’s pad. Once, the target took SSA to his condo, and upon waking up, he discovers his expensive cell phone is missing. The actress appeared shocked herself but quickly insisted he was so drunk the night before that he must have left the phone in the club. But when SSA went to the bathroom, the rich young man searched her bag and lo and behold, his phone was in there, already switched off.

    When he confronted her, SSA even had the gall to say she didn’t know how it happened, pinning it all on rich young man saying he probably dropped it in her bag because he was so drunk. The rich young man just asked SSA to leave, careful not to make a scene lest their night together reaches her fiancé. Yes, SSA is betrothed to a popular celebrity and their wedding is scheduled in April.


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