• Night at the Museum 3

    A sweet and tender goodbye for Robin Williams

    Robin Williams

    Robin Williams

    I wasn’t too keen on watching Night at the Museum 3 (NATM3): Secret of the Tomb. Basically because I had seen the two previous installments and thought I wouldn’t see anything new anymore.

    NATM3 was reliable as a family comedy with characters moviegoers have gotten to know. But there were some new cast members who were a delight—Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens shows he can do comedy, Rebel Wilson makes her mark again as a comedienne and there’s a Hugh Jackman cameo to look out for.

    But more than anything, for anyone who was a fan of Robin Williams, NATM3 offers a fitting chance for us to say goodbye without feeling too heavy-hearted. Robin had played Teddy Roosevelt with sweetness, heroism and humor in the NATM films.


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