Swing votes may save Poe


    SENATOR Grace Poe may hurdle the legal obstacles to her presidential bid if she will be able to gather so-called swing votes from the Supreme Court (SC) justices who are expected to decide on a disqualification case against her soon.

    Although Poe’s case was included in the agenda for today’s en banc session, the justices are not expected to vote on a draft decision prepared by Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo because some justices may ask for more time to study the case or to come up with their opposing or concurring opinions, sources said on Monday.

    According to the well-placed sources, Poe may be able to muster eight votes, which will allow her to pursue her quest for the presidency.

    There are 15 members of the High Court and Poe will need eight justices to vote in her favor.

    So far, the sources said five justices are for Poe.

    This number may increase to eight if the senator will be able to get the swing votes of some of the magistrates, particularly those appointed by President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    The sources dispelled reports that the justices already voted on Poe’s case.

    “There is no truth to the 9-6 or 8-7 voting in favor of or against Grace Poe. There is no voting yet,” one of the sources, an SC insider, told The Manila Times.

    The source, however, confirmed that the draft ponencia of del Castillo has been circulated among the justices.

    He said voting will be close and a “divided Supreme Court” will rule on the case that has such great implications for the country.

    The SC insider noted that the justices who are inclined to side with Poe as seen during oral arguments for the case are Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and Associate Justice Marvic Leonen.

    Sereno and Leonen were appointed by Aquino.

    The President’s other appointees are Associate Justices Bienvenido Reyes, Estela Perlas-Bernabe, Francis Jardeleza and Benjamin Caguioa.

    “The appointees of Pnoy [short for President Noynoy, Aquino’s nickname]will be the swing votes that would lead to the victory of Grace Poe,” the SC source pointed out.

    Although Poe’s case may be tackled by the high tribunal today, it may still take a matter of weeks for the justices to make known their votes. The source explained that the magistrates may ask for more time to “reflect” on the case, or to write their separate concurring or dissenting opinions.

    The source said the Chief Justice is likely to vote for Poe because if the latter will win, there is less likelihood for the chief magistrate to be impeached.

    Unless she is impeached or forced to resign, Sereno will be Chief Justice until 2030.
    During the oral arguments, some justices observed that Sereno’s statements made her appear to be “lawyering for Poe.”

    The source said Sereno will not bet on presidential candidates Liberal Party presidential bet Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd, Vice President Jejomar Binay of the opposition or Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

    If Roxas wins in May, Sereno’s position “may be in danger” because Roxas’ lawyer, former Defense Secretary Avelino “Nonong” Cruz, is a Sigma Rho fraternity brother and former law partner of SC Associate Justice Antonio Carpio.

    Cruz was the canvassing lawyer of Roxas during the May 2010 vice presidential polls, which Binay won.

    The source said Carpio’s dream of becoming Chief Justice has better chances with Roxas as President.

    If Binay wins, the source pointed out that Sereno’s grip on her post would be endangered since she acted as a lawyer for the Office of the Ombudsman in pushing for the ouster last year of Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin “JunJun” Binay, the Vice President’s son.

    If Duterte wins, Sereno would still be in “danger” because Duterte’s daughter, Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte, is married to the son of Lucas Carpio and Court of Appeals (CA) Justice Agnes Reyes-Carpio, Manases “Mans” Carpio.

    Lucas Carpio is the brother of Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, cousin of the SC justice.

    Supporters of Poe on Monday said the senator will zoom to the presidency once the SC rules in her favor.

    “I could only surmise that judging by the fact when the TRO [temporary restraining order]came out, the numbers of Senator Grace went up. In fact, she was even ahead in one survey. When the Comelec handed the disqualification [ruling], her numbers went down.

    If she hurdles the Supreme Court [case], perhaps her numbers will go through the roof,” Nationalist Peoples Coalition (NPC) President Giorgidi Aggabao said.

    “Based on what we have heard and read during the public hearings, we feel more confident that Grace will be able to hurdle the SC case. When that happens, she will own the finish line. Tapos ang boksing [Game is over],” he added.



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    1. You dont aspire to become President overnight. Being President is not work in the park, experience is essential. Kakainin ng buhay iyang si #TraPoe ng mga veteranong politicians ng Pinas. No to #OJTPresident

    2. To bernardyul , naawa ako sa iyo, hanggang ngayun hindi ka pin natututo, I’m not sure of your level of literacy, kaya siguro hanggang ngayun ganyan pa rin ang buhay mo. Gising…o baka naman isa ka rin sa mga nabayaran na.

    3. Kapag nagkataon pwede na ngang tumakbong pangulo ng pilipinas si JUstin Bieber. Ikikahiya kong Filipino ako:(

    4. If the ponencia being circulated now by justice del castillo disqualifies Poe on residency requirement,doesn’t that decision becomes a majority decision because Justice del Castillo is the Pimentel?

    5. Justice Caguia said on his appointment that he is his own man, lets see if he votes with the yellow tribe having been appointed by Abnoy. This will tell you how far the tentacles of the Abnoy go. All these Justices are well learned and should know the letter of the constitution. With the exception of Sereno whose interest comes first. The sooner they get rid of this mad women the sooner will we have an honest SC

    6. alvin maruhom on

      The supreme court justices will put the Law of the Land into confusion and it will be an history. The worst decision ever done by the SC justices in interpreting the constitution.

    7. Migs Doromal on

      Don’t be naive.

      The BIG BOSS, as Danding is known to close friends and allies, will never allow a “premature” endorsement of Grace Poe – Chiz Escudero tandem by the Nationalist People’s Coalition party – a party he founded.


      1. The boss is privy to the ongoing intramurals in the Supreme Court and as of last count, they (those in favor of Grace) have the numbers already – 8 or 9 justices.

      2. It follows, too that the boss may have his own pet justices in the Supreme Court who (?) if you add to the six PNOY appointees make up the majority of the tribunal.

      On the part of these “hacked” justices, as we all know the Supreme Court is not infallible. To them, it is alright if they erred in their decision now to allow Grace Poe to run than to be confronted with the stark reality of a corrupt candidate taking the seat of power in the Palace by the river.

      • Migs Doromal on

        Danding is PNOY aka BOY SISI’s uncle being a cousin of the latter’s mother, Corazon Cojuangco Aquino.

        Danding was also APO Ferdie Macoy’s top right hand man during the Marcos dictatorship.

        He was also the mastermind behind the assassination of NINOY AQUINO – a persistent rumor that carries with it a factual weight for those in the loop.

        In 2016, this Banana Republic of 105 Million souls, will have an illegitimate daughter and a son once more of the former dictator, Ferdinand Edralin Marcos in Malacanang… Grace Poe and Bongbong Marcos.

        Such an elegant twist of fate.

        For Danding, this will repay his debt to Imeldific and family. It will also pay his debt to NINOY for he will be helping save his son from imminent incarceration if the Nognog candidate will win.

    8. If the SC decides in favor of Sen. Poe, she will surely top the next presidential survey. Her chances of winning the elections will also greatly increase.

    9. For sale na ba ang mga decision sà Supreme Court? If for sale how much kaya? $ £ € ¥ ?

      • Read the statements of Atty Kapunan, running for senator. She said every body in the judiciary has a price to get a favorable decision from the Supreme Court down to the district court. She has been a lawyer for a very long time. She knows the score. That is why I say Napoles is so stupid to terminate Kapunan services.

      • Better Binay than Roxas or Poe.
        Both Roxas and Poe will allow the crime committed by the President and his Liberal party to get away with plunder.

        The Pork barrel scandal
        The Dap fund scandal
        The SAF 44 massacre

      • I would rather vote for duterte or binay than inexperience #TraPoe. Binay & Duterte are the most qualified Presidentiables. They both have vast experience as executives. #DisqualifyPoe

    10. Ako ay isang ordinaryong mamayan at ngtrabaho din Sa gobyerno, pg isang empleyado at mgapply ng mas mataas na posistion ay kailangan ay may sapat kang edukasyon,training , may sapat na karanasan Sa posisyon na inaplayan, ngaun ang tumatakbong president ay labag na nga Sa saligang batas Sa kanyang pagtakbo gaya ng citizenship at pagstay niya banda ay kwestionable pa rin at isa pa mga kapamilya ay isang US citizens ay napakalaking paglapastangan Sa sting mga Filipino citizens Sa sariling bansa, ako ay taimtim na nagdadasal Kay Lord Jesus Christ na bigyan tayo ng Presidente na naaayon Sa Kanyang Kalooban Sa ganon ay mawala na ang pghihirap natin na pangkarinawan na Pilipino… God bless and save Philippines to fulfill the Prophetic fulfilment that the Philippines is your choosen God’s Nation.

    11. That depends on how much money Grace decides to throw in to swing the votes of the magistrates. PERA PERA LANG YAN E! But what’s surprising is that FILIPINO’s do not care or demonstrate a sense of urgency, when their institutions and laws are being stepped on. Maybe our Spanish conquerors were right, that FILIPINOS are INDIOS and a race of MANG-MANGs!

      • Marcial Foronda on

        Mga handlers/financiers ang maglalabas ng limpak2 na salapi upang hindi sya madisqualify. The businessmen handlers are the ones who control politics and businesses in our country. What justice for sale can do.

    12. There are only three types of people who sojourn in the Philippines: aliens; naturalized citizens; and natural-born citizens. Aliens are aliens, naturalized are those who undergone a process that ‘perfected’ their citizenship and natural-born are those who DID NOT undergo any such a process.
      Foundlings did not or never undergone any process that perfected their citizenship. They went to schools, voted, owned properties, paid taxes, became professionals, etc. not as an alien nor as naturalized citizens. Therefore, they are natural-born citizens.

      The Courts nor Congress cannot create another class or group or sub-group of people because it’s unconstitutional.

      • Roald Valentino on

        I’m not sure if you watched any of the oral arguments in SC but it was discussed there that someone needs to file a certificate that a child is a foundling, basically there is a process in order for someone to be considered a foundling. That process alone clearly defines that foundlings are not natural born and they can be considered naturalized since they need to follow a process in order for them to be considered as a foundling and be under the Philippines jurisdiction so that they can be adopted. Also, it does not mean that if someone went to school or owned properties or paid tax, etc that they can be considered natural born since non-resident aliens can also do these things. Lastly, I’m not sure what you meant by court or congress creating another class, Poe will be considered a naturalized filipino but not a natural born filipino so there not sure about your statement of creating another class or group.

    13. To GRACE POE, SHAME ON YOU too. YOU KNOW the TRUTH, YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED but still you continue to fool our people. You should be ashamed of yourself; I wonder how you can sleep at night. You don’t even have the right to use the word “GOD” in all of your campaign sorties, mangilabot ka nga sa mga pinag-sasabi mo, ALL THE LIES you’ve telling to all the Filipino people. Mga kababayan ko, gumising po sana tayo, huwag po tayong padadala sa mga sinasabi ng babeng ito. WE CANNOT VOTE FOR LIAR.

    14. If ever Grace Poe will be allowed to run for the Presidency, then we might as well throw OUR Constitution into the GARBAGE. What is the use of having a CONSTITUTION if they are not being followed according to the LETTER OF THE LAW? Is OUR Constitution were drafted only to protect those people with great influence, people who are rich, people who are popular….etc. What about those ordinary citizens? If Grace Poe was just an ordinary citizen, who don’t have great influence like those two Mayors that were disqualified because they used the U.S. Passport to travel in the United States, do you think OUR Supreme Court (specially OUR CHIEF JUSTICE SERANO – What a shame.) will be lawyering for her.

      I am currently living now in the United States and an American Citizen but even though my citizenship was changed, my heart and mind I know I’m still a Filipino, that’s is why it hurts me when I see some our SUPREME COURT JUSTICES are using the position for their own interest, the bucks should stop on your end. I’m going to call out OUR CHIEF JUSTICE…CHIEF JUSTICE SERANO. I hope you understand the meaning of CHIEF JUSTICE when you accepted the position. I AM ASHAME OF YOU CHIEF JUSTICE SERANO and your SONS and DAUGHTERS should be ashamed of you, also for those other SUPREME JUSTICES who are using their position for their own interest, SHAME ON YOU, YOUR HONOR.

      • The president should not be the one appointing SC justice. Sana through votes din ang selection para walang bias.

      • How did you pass the US citizenship test? Make sure you take the ESL test para hindi kahiya ang Pinoy sa tate> Yo, peace. FilAm din ako.


      No one is above the Constitution. No one!

      When the Constitution requires that all candidates for President shall be natural-born Filipino citizens, it disqualifies all former foreign citizens from ever becoming candidates for President. Former citizens of foreign countries are never considered natural born Filipino citizens.

      RA 9225 was non-existent when the Constitution was passed! And RA 9225 can never contravene the Constitution!

      • You say: ” Former citizens of foreign countries are never considered natural-born Filipino citizens.” I disagree. Do you have a reference or link for your claim?

        RA 9225 became effective in August 2003. But it applies to all natural born Filipinos who have become naturalized citizens of other countries. So if somebody who’s a natural born Filipino became a naturalized US citizen prior to 2003 (say 2001), the person will reacquire his natural-born status upon satisfying the requirements of the Act, such as swearing an oath of allegiance to the Philippines. The person becomes a dual citizen upon approval of his application. But this is not all. SC jurisprudence deems the person to have become a natural-born Filipino once again. In fact, even during the deliberations before RA 9225 was approved, Senator F. Drillon made this point quite clearly and unambiguously.

        Section 5 of the Act applies to dual citizens who want to run for public office. Not only must the dual citizen satisfy the requirements for the public office, but the person must also have renounced his foreign citizenship at the time of filing his CoC. This is for Philippine Law purposes only. .

        Whether RA9225 is unconstitutional or not is another question. One may argue that the fact that a person has to apply and take an oath of allegiance could or should only result in a naturalized, not natural-born citizen. I think it was Mr. Contreras – one of the petitioners in the Comelec vs. G. Poe disqualification cases – that brought up this matter in his statement during the final SC hearing. I doubt, however, whether the SC will address the matter as it is not the issue before the Court.

      • RA 9225 was non-existent when the Constitution was passed! And RA 9225 can never contravene the Constitution!

        It can if you have a corrupt Supreme Court that will vote the way the president who appointed them to the job wants them to.
        The Supreme Court Aquino appointee’s are apparently loyal to Aquino instead of the constitution and country. Aquino should of just appointed his family members to the court then no one would be surprised.

    16. I do not understand why the SC justices is taking so long to decide the DQ case of Poe.The FACTS are already bared that she does not meet the residency requirement.

      So are they trying to twist the FACTS? Can the SC justices not understand simple English and understand the FACTS? Shame on them!

      For someone to have given up her allegiance to the Phil. and pledged allegiance to another country is NOT QUALIFIED to be president of the Phil. Add to this the LIES she had made in her documents. Let her get out of the way.

      • E magaling ka pala teh, bakit di mo alam kung bakit nagde-debate pa mga Justices kaya?

      • You can repatriate and renounce your US citizenship, meaning her allegiance is only to the Philippines and she needs a visitor visa to enter Uncle Sam. If SC (the highest court of the land) makes a final decision that she is a natural born, and she can prove “actual” residence (domicile) for ten years, which is a fact…she is then qualified to run.

    17. Jomar Canlas, are you saying that these swing voter justices have no integrity? All they want to save are their hides? This is why the country will never get out of the hell hole! But woe to them!

    18. So far, the sources said five justices are for Poe.

      My guess those 5 are all Aquino appointee’s.

      If the Congress is going to ignore the constitution ( The constitution prohibits political dynasties ) but that doesn’t seem to bother them.

      If the Supreme Court is going to ignore the Constitution as well then everyone should ignore the law.