Swiss train attacker’s Liechtenstein home searched: police


GENEVA: Local officials have searched the Lichtenstein home of a man who started a fire on a Swiss train and stabbed passengers this weekend, police said on Monday.

Police had already searched the official residence of the 27-year-old Swiss national in eastern Switzerland on Saturday, hours after the attack.

But on Monday Swiss police said he also had a home in the tiny principality of Liechtenstein.

The authorities are working to determine what led the man to carry out the grisly attack on Saturday, on a moving train in the eastern Swiss region of Saint Gallen.

“It is too early to say anything about (the motive),” Saint Gallen police spokesman Gian Andrea Rezzoli told Agence France-Presse, reiterating that there was no indication it was a terrorist or politically-motivated attack.

He said Swiss police were preparing to study the material retrieved on Sunday in the Liechtenstein search at the man’s home.

Both the attacker and a female victim died of their injuries on Sunday.

Five other people suffered both burn and stab wounds in the attack, which took place on the line between Buchs and Sennwald near Salez station.

A 17-year-old woman’s life remained in the balance and a six-year-old girl was in serious but not critical condition, Rezzoli said.

‘A loner’

A witness told the 20 Minutten daily that he had seen a young woman “burning from head to toe, like a torch”, and said another woman suffered stab wounds to her stomach and the child had burn injuries to her face.

Police have so far only been able to question one of the victims with less critical injuries, as well as a witness who attempted to help those hurt in the attack, ATS news agency reported.

They were unable to question the perpetrator before he died, and have yet to speak with any of the victims in hospital, Rezzoli said.

According to the Blick daily, the attacker, who the paper identified as Simon S., had been subletting an apartment in the 160-square-kilometre (nearly 62-square-mile) principality of Liechtenstein for the past three years.

“The police were there for several hours and took pictures,” the paper quoted one Liechtenstein resident as saying after the search.

Neighbors described the attacker as a “loner”, who was tall, thin and lanky, with glasses, the paper said.

“He was a quiet, friendly guy, but I have a feeling he had problems with himself,” Blick quoted one acquaintance as saying.

“You could tell he had been teased his whole life,” he added, saying the man “had no friends. He was often alone… He never answered when you said hello.”

The attacker worked part-time at an car parts supplier in the region, where he had previously completed vocational training, and he also studied at a technical university in Buchs, Blick reported. AFP



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