• SWS picks Binay to succeed PNoy


    VICE President Jejomar Binay remains the people’s top choice to succeed President Benigno Aquino 3rd, edging out Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd and Sen. Grace Poe by a wide margin, a new survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) showed.

    Taken from November 27 to December 1, the nationwide survey showed that 37 percent of the respondents believed that Binay is the best leader to succeed Aquino when he steps down in 2016. Poe got 21 percent and Roxas, 19 percent.

    The poll asked the 1,800 respondents: “According to the Constitution, the term of
    President Noynoy [the incumbent leader’s nickname]Aquino is up to 2016 only, and there will be an election for a new President in May 2016. Who do you think are the good leaders who should succeed Aquino as President? You may give up to three names.”

    Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago got 10 percent; Sen. Francis Escudero and Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada each got nine percent; Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, five percent; Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., 3 percent; former senator Manuel Villar Jr., Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr. and Presidential Assistant for Rehabilitation and Recovery Panfilo Lacson each got two percent; and Senate President Franklin Drilon, Sen. Loren Legarda, Presidential Assistant for Food Security and Agricultural Modernization Francis Pangilinan and boxing icon Manny Pacquiao each got 1 percent.

    The survey has sampling error margins of ±2 percent for national percentages; ±6 percent each for Metro Manila, “Balance Luzon” and Mindanao; and ±3 percent for the Visayas.

    The Vice President’s ardent detractors—Senators Antonio Trillanes 4th and Alan Peter Cayetano—got five percent and three percent, respectively.

    The SWS conducted the survey using face-to-face interviews of adult respondents. No lists were provided to the respondents who were asked to name three of their favorite leaders who are likely to succeed President Aquino.

    There were 300 respondents in Metro Manila, 900 in the Visayas and 600 in Luzon and Mindanao.

    According to Binay, he is honored and humbled by results of the SWS poll.

    “I am grateful for the kind recognition of my worthiness to assume the country’s highest public office. To my fellow Filipinos, thank you very much for this warm Christmas greeting,” the Vice President said in a statement.

    He added that the poll results are an important guide and an inspiration to further improve his work in governance “despite the efforts of some quarters to distract me from fulfilling my mandate and my promise to serve our people.”

    “Public service is after all a never-ending profession. We must persevere in fulfilling our mission to promote the welfare and provide comfort to the greatest number of Filipinos,” Binay pointed out.

    “In this joyous season of harmony and compassion, I urge all my colleagues in government to renew our resolve in staying the course of good and effective governance. We owe it to ourselves, to our families, to our people, and to the country we all love and cherish,” the Vice President said.

    In an earlier survey conducted by Pulse Asia, Binay remained the top choice for President despite a five percent drop in his rating.

    The Vice President was recently investigated by the Senate on accusations of wrongdoings, which Binay’s camp described as investigation “in aid of demolition.”

    Binay has said the attacks against him and his family are meant to pull down his high survey ratings and destroy and eventually weaken the opposition party United Nationalist Alliance.

    Poe also expressed her appreciation to the trust given to her by the people but noted that she is more interested in her legislative duty than the 2016 elections.

    Topnotcher of the 2013 senatorial race, she said she would rather focus on crafting laws that will benefit the public than her personal political ambition.

    The senator has declared that she has no plans to seek higher office, noting that those who aspire to be President must not only be prepared to face challenges but also be capable of addressing problems of the country.

    “I took my oath as a member of the Senate and I believe that I’m doing my job as lawmaker properly. It will not be proper for me put my personal ambition first than doing my job as a legislator,” Poe said in an earlier interview.


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    1. CARLITO C YANG on

      The ongoing probe of the Philippine Senate on the Makati City anomalies and corruption made by the vice president while he was mayor of Makati showed that Binay enriched himself in office. He was silent also on the Binay hacienda in Batangas consisting of 300 to 400 hundred hectares of land and improvements.

      If he has nothing to hide and if he did not enriched himself in office, he should defend himself in the media and the Senate.

      Binay is no longer qualified to run for the Philippine presidency because he is not beyond reproach. Bakit iboboto natin ang mga magnanakaw? GISING MGA BOTANTE!!

      Our national heroes who fought the spaniards and lost their lives like Jose Rizal dreamed of a democratic Filipinas. We have democracy but Filipinas is run by corrupt and politicians who are mostly magnanakaws. MAHIYA NAMAN KAYO!

      You see videos where policemen who are supposed to protect the citizenry are the ones doing the kidnapping, robbing and killing of innocent civilian lives. They should focus their efforts and energy in catching and jailing criminals.

    2. candidates with good track records will be the following; Duterte, Lacson, Villar, and Grace Poe. For me, Duterte for president and Villar or Poe for VP.

    3. I’m highly skeptical of the results of this survey. In the Pulse Asia survey, where respondents were asked to choose only one candidate, Binay was only 26% and Mar was only 6%. The Pulse Asia methodology was closer to that of an actual election, where voters are asked to pick only one.
      Also, the error of this SWS survey was as much as 6% in vote rich areas. The sampling of the SWS does not reflect the actual geographical distribution of the population.
      Therefore the Pulse Asia survey is much more credible than the SWS.

    4. this kind of news must be eating the hearts of the troika doing the SBR Committee investigation. they may have underestimated the sentiment of the masses and it appears that the middle class may have also realized their folly.

      the need to expose corruption in government is a must to enable monies to be used to improve the economy for the benefit of all citizens (not only of the few and privileged). yet, the expose’ needs to be done objectively!

      • It is writing on the wall which UNAno and party does not want to recognize that the trust rating of all sectors of society on VP Binay is going down and Roxas is slowly inching as 2016 is approaching. There is still enough time for Roxas, I believe, to overtake Binay if the voters WILL BE WELL INFORM TO VOTE WISELY base on the unblemished records of the two candidates, YUON ISA AY NABABANSAGAN NGAYON NA CORRUPT AT MERON FAMILY DYNASTY AT YUON ISA AY WALANG MASAMANG RECORD. Di Ba Bayan?

    5. Nice try guys, at the first place SWS survey are hawsiao. Whoever pays them most always get a good rating. No matter how the spin masters of Binay does I bet he can not reach first base. He can no longer ignore all the allegations of corruptions, the electorate in general are not stupid, he has to answer it one way or the other.

    6. Eh si Binay naman pala for 2016. Kaya forget this mantra from National Trust Kansel for Noynoy to step down. Sumunod na lang sa Konstitusyon…. hintayin ang eleksiyon.

      Survey-survey nakakatuwang basahin, but kapag sa tanong na kung sino ang NEXT na magaging presidente, eleksiyon ang paraan, hindi survey o martsa-martsa at hatak-hatak ng mga trak para mag-demonstreyt.

    7. Many questions, where these questions were directed. They feel that they were programed mostly in Makati. And some feel that the highest and most sophisticated form of pre- VOTE buying is here. Wishing comelec should open its’ eyes on this electoral menace. It seems they feel that “there is no more powerful inducement than MONEY.”. Reason has given weight to material things.

    8. Binay to succeed BS Aquino in 2016? Says who? SWS, through a sampling of 1,800 bobotantes? And who do you think is the presidential candidate who pays SWS to do this survey? I’ll give you a clue, it starts with letter “B”.

      This survey is just a bunch of sh-t!


      Filipinos should study the facts before election time. Vote for candidates that have
      a good track record as both in private and in public life which will be open for public
      scrutiny. Binay? A congresswoman daughter, a mayor son, another senator daughter and Binay himself as Vice President? Think again. If he wins the presidency, the
      Philippines will be their families disposition. It goes with the saying as SWAPANG.

    10. This survey shows how STUPID the Filipino voters are. Everyone knows how corrupt Binay is and still they want him to be the next president. Why do the STUPID Filipinos still prefer Binay? With all the amassed wealth of the Binays from the taxpayers’ money, how on earth do Filipinos still prefer Binay? The UNAs and the Binay’s followers don’t have comments on the results but when it the survey report will show Binay behind anybody, Binay will say “BINAYaran” lang yan and won’t accept defeat. There’s still a long way to go to stop the Binays. Pray to save the Philippines from the Binays. We Filipinos should not be branded by foreigners as STUPID voters. God Save the Philippines from the Binays.